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<p>{% if customer.account_clearbit-geo_country == "France" %}
Salut{% if customer.first_name != blank %} {{ customer.first_name | capitalize }}{% else %}{% endif %}!
{% else %}
Hi {% if customer.first_name != blank %}{{ customer.first_name | capitalize }}{% else %}there{% endif %},
{% endif %}
<p>Last time, we shared how we've seen teams manage email personalization at scale.</p>
<p>But I bet way more people visited {% if customer.account_clearbit-domain == BLANK %}your website{% else %}{{customer.account_clearbit-domain}}{% endif %} than you emailed last month.</p>
<p>It seems so much easier to personalize your emails (Or live chat. Or sales calls. Or even direct mail) than your website.</p>
<p><em>Why does your website get left behind?</em></p>
<li>Because you don't know who is on your website #AnonymousVisitors</li>
<li>Because you can't sync profile data into your personalization tool</li>
<li>Because of page flicker (if you do get the data you need into your web tool)</li>
<li>Because it doesn't work with all your other tools (where most of your data sits)</li>
<p>We've spotted a few teams breaking down the barriers to web personalization, particularly for B2B where the data is so siloed - website behaviour, subscription data, company data, lifecycle stage...</p>
<p><em>And since they're optimizing their biggest channel, they're driving totally outsized results.</em></p>
<p><strong><a href="">Read more in this Spotted post: "Web Personalization for B2B"</a></strong>, and learn about the five tactics teams are using to make web personalization a reality for B2B.</p>
<p>And if you like what you see, we’d appreciate your help retweeting on <a href="">Twitter</a>, {% if customer.social_profiles-growthhackers == blank %}liking on <a target="_blank" href="">LinkedIn</a>{% else %}upvoting on <a target="_blank" href="">GrowthHackers</a>{% endif %}, and sharing with {% if customer.clearbit-employment_role == "marketing"%}the rest of your marketing{% else %}the rest of of your{% endif %} team. And as always, if you’ve any questions or ideas to talk through, just reply to this email -- I'd love to hear from you.</p>
<p>Ed Fry<br>
<strong>Head of Growth,</strong><br>
<em>Kraken is coming</em></p>
<p>P.S. Want to see the templated personalization behind this email? <a href="">Checkout this gist</a>.</p>
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