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import joblib
import s3fs
import sklearn
@serve.deployment(route_prefix="/sentiment", name="sentiment-deployment")
class SentimentDeployment:
def __init__(self):
fs = s3fs.S3FileSystem(anon=True)
with'ray-serve-blog/unigram_vectorizer.joblib', 'rb') as f:
self.vectorizer = joblib.load(f)
with'ray-serve-blog/unigram_tf_idf_transformer.joblib', 'rb') as f:
self.preprocessor = joblib.load(f)
with'ray-serve-blog/unigram_tf_idf_classifier.joblib', 'rb') as f:
self.classifier = joblib.load(f)
async def __call__(self, request):
data = await request.body()
vectorized = self.vectorizer.transform([str(data)])
transformed = self.preprocessor.transform(vectorized)
[result] = self.classifier.predict(transformed)
if result == 1:
return 'POSITIVE'
return 'NEGATIVE'
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