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Working from home

Édouard Lopez edouard-lopez

Working from home
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edouard-lopez / c3fire.makefile
Created Nov 17, 2020
C3Fire thèse Delphine
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wget -c
echo "You need to extract the archive"
mkdir -p /opt/c3system
edouard-lopez /
Last active Nov 12, 2020
Flash Samsung Galaxy S i9000 using Heimdall on Linux

Flash Samsung Galaxy S i9000 using Heimdall on Linux

⚠️ Backup your data!

Enable USB debugging

In order to be able to establish a connection to the PC via USB cable.

On Android 2.x :

edouard-lopez / BoondManager Admin.sys - devops en télétravail - Cover
Created May 8, 2020
BoondManager Admin.sys - devops en télétravail - Cover
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Lettre de motivation


Je suis un ingénieur logiciel avec une expériences de projets fullstack (Python, Docker, Ansible, CI / CD, etc.) et un fort goût pour l'UX, les tests et l'automatisation. J'ai également une expérience des frameworks JS populaires (React, Vue, Ember et AngularJS).

Je sais :

  • Collaborer avec le client pour faire évoluer la plateforme existante ;
edouard-lopez /
Last active Apr 23, 2019
Comparing git hooks management tools

Git hooks comparison

Tools taken from

Legend: : yes, : no, : broken, xn: run against n versions

project language Tests CI Stars Description
Githooks shell ~100 ✔ x12 ~150 Auto-install Git hook, that supports hooks in any language checked into Git and also shared repos.
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edouard-lopez /
Created Jan 26, 2019
Run with `python`
import hashlib
import binascii
def calc_entropy():
digest_algorithm = "sha256"
master_password = 'password'
salt = 'site'+'login'+hex(1)[2:]
iterations = 100000
derived_key_length = 32
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@schrodincat I didn't notice you updated your message.
That's an off-topic discussion, but I recommend reading:
* [GitFlow considered harmful]( by Adam Ruka
* [What are the pros and cons of git-flow vs github-flow?](
* [Trunk Based Development](
Personally I tend to a simple workflow:
* a master branch that is functional/readable ;
* short-lived pull requests (less code=better) ;
set color_success (set_color green)
set color_error (set_color --bold red)
set color_white (set_color white)
set color_normal (set_color normal)
function pure::set_fish_config_path
printf "\tSet environment variable: %s\n" "\$FISH_CONFIG_DIR"
if test (count $argv) -ge 1
set -gx FISH_CONFIG_DIR $argv[1]
time ffmpeg \
-i ./data/partie-1:-Apprendre-300-mots-du-quotidien-en-LSF.jauvert-laura.hd.mp4 \
-y \
-vf scale=1280x720 \
-b:v 1024k \
-minrate 512k \
-maxrate 1485k \
-pass 1 \
-quality good \
-speed 4 \
edouard-lopez / extract-and-encode.bash
Last active Dec 15, 2018
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# see:
# sudo apt install --yes ffmpeg libav-tools
# bash -x ./scripts/extract-and-encode.bash "$path/to/videos" [path/to/timing.tsv]