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Eric Duncan eduncan911

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Last active January 16, 2023 15:46
Fixing Thermal Throttling on Thinkpad P1 and X1 Extreme - Linux Edition

Fixing Thermal Throttling on Thinkpad P1 and X1 Extreme - Linux Edition

Lenovo messed up with the X1E and P1 Gen 1 versions (and maybe later generations) in that the system boots with a thermal limit (aka Tjunction or tjmax) set to 82C (some report 80C). What this means is that regardless of power draw or under-volting settings, when your CPU hits 82C, it will drop the frequency down to the "Configurable TDP-down" frequency, or even lower. It will also may limits the system power draw.

Thermal Paste and Stress Testing

eduncan911 /
Created April 2, 2020 14:16
Plex + Docker + Updated Chromecast Ultra Config
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Plex's profile for Chromecast is too conservative and only plays 1080p on
# the Chromecast Ultra UHD device (4k).
# This script will download an updated Chromecast definition and start a Plex
# docker container, binding a few local paths of where you run this script.
# You may want to refer to the Official Plex Docker repository and read the
# README text:
eduncan911 / gnome-install-extensions
Last active July 25, 2019 22:43
Gnome: Manually add several Extensions (or, for those that don't trust browser extensions)
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#!/bin/bash -e
# A script to mass install Gnome extensions from a single folder.
# for global extensions, use /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/
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Created February 6, 2018 17:17

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am eduncan911 on github.
  • I am eduncan911 ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASCm86SHMqJZdxyA3BUcpZKRZ8FKk7y93384uEKOOA1SZAo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

eduncan911 /
Last active December 15, 2022 16:03
Revert Gist Commits

Revert / Undo a Gist Commit

It was not exactly obvious. Here's how to revert a Gist commit!

Checkout the gist like a normal git repo:

# replace the Gist ID with your own
git clone

Treat it like a normal repo. Edit, force push, etc.

eduncan911 / main.go
Created June 9, 2016 19:56
Labels in GoLang
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package main
import "fmt"
Here's a use of labels in Go to continue a for loop
from within another for and within a switch case.
func main() {
eduncan911 / go-build-all
Last active December 18, 2022 10:18
Go Cross-Compile Script
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# GoLang cross-compile snippet for Go 1.6+ based loosely on Dave Chaney's cross-compile script:
# To use:
# $ cd ~/path-to/my-awesome-project
# $ go-build-all
eduncan911 / json_indent.go
Created March 1, 2016 22:25
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/*Package main is a simple test of Json Identing (aka pretty print)
To run:
$ go run main.go
"eventId": "xyz",
"articleId": "123"
eduncan911 / godoc2md-all
Last active June 20, 2018 07:30
Godoc2md for current and all sub-directories
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# bash script to create a GoLang in the current and all sub-directories.
# installation:
# place this in your ~/bin or similar. make sure to: chmod 755 godoc2md-all
# it is recommended to have a doc.go for each package, that allows for samples and
# additional instructions.
View ddd-in-golang.markdown

This is my response to an email asking about Domain-Driven Design in golang project.

Thank you for getting in touch. Below you will find my thoughts on how golang works with DDD, changing it. This is merely a perception of how things worked out for us in a single project.

That project has a relatively well-known domain. My colleagues on this project are very knowledgeable, thoughtful and invested in quality design. The story spelled out below is a result of countless hours spent discussing and refining the approach.

Conclusions could be very different, if there was a different project, team or a story-teller.

Short story