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Revert Gist Commits

Revert / Undo a Gist Commit

It was not exactly obvious. Here's how to revert a Gist commit!

Checkout the gist like a normal git repo:

# replace the Gist ID with your own
git glone git clone

Treat it like a normal repo. Edit, force push, etc.

Force Push

When you are ready, you will need to force push as the remote has newer commits:

git push -f origin master

Example: Revert the last commit to your Gist

Want to revert the last change?

git reset --hard HEAD~1 && git push -f origin master

Yay! You reverted!


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commented Sep 5, 2018

Odd this can't be done in the GitHub web interface!

I've never actually used terminal Git for writing a Gist! :)


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commented Nov 29, 2018

This is excellent! I also didn't think of gists as normal git repos. I'm sure it's clear to everyone but in case you're a newbie like me and just assumed you'd never heard of git glone there is a typo above. It should be just:

git clone
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