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Goodbye old Select View
<select onchange={{action (mut vehicle) value="target.value"}}>
{{#each vehicles key="@item" as |vehicleChoice|}}
<option value={{vehicleChoice}} selected={{eq vehicle vehicleChoice}}>{{vehicleChoice}}</option>
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@ef4 Looks great, are there some docs available on what can be used as key in the #each helper? I've so far seen "@Index" and "@item" (I think) but it would be great to understand how the magic works. Thank you.

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KTKate commented Jun 15, 2015

You can just use key="@guid" everywhere for now. There isn't much documentation but the different key values depend on the type of item being iterated over. If they don't have a unique identifier then @Guid will generate one, if they do have a unique identifier then @Guid will use that. There is a pr to make hbs default to the appropriate key so you don't have to set it yourself.

Most of the explanations about this that I've seen were just on Slack.

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Trying to use this example... but i don't think the eq is working for me.. in that example i tried testing it by making it the text in the select box (both the values seem to be the same but it never triggers that they are equal)

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It was my bad! my menuable_id was numeric... so i just changed it to a string and it worked. It should work for me because all ids within ember are strings anyways....

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Haven't tried this out on my end yet, but was just curious. If target.value is already set, will it automatically select the value when the view renders?

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elbeezi commented Sep 10, 2015


DEPRECATION: Using '@guid' with the {{each}} helper, is deprecated. Switch to '@identity' or remove 'key=' from your template.

(Ember 1.13.6)

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shayanypn commented Dec 14, 2016

amazing job. Thank you.

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