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Wrapper script for exa to give it nearly identical switches and appearance to ls. Also automatically adds --git switch when in a git repository.
## Change following to '0' for output to be like ls and '1' for exa features
# Don't list implied . and .. by default with -a
# Show human readable file sizes by default
# Don't show group column
# Don't show hardlinks column
# Group directories first in long listing by default
# Show file git status automatically (can cause a slight delay in large repo subdirectories)
help() {
cat << EOF
${0##*/} options:
-a all
-A almost all
-1 one file per line
-x list by lines, not columns
-l long listing format
-G display entries as a grid *
-k bytes
-h human readable file sizes
-F classify
-R recurse
-r reverse
-d don't list directory contents
-D directories only *
-M group directories first *
-I ignore [GLOBS]
-i show inodes
-N no colour *
-S sort by file size
-t sort by modified time
-u sort by accessed time
-U sort by created time *
-X sort by extension
-T tree *
-L level [DEPTH] *
-s file system blocks
-g don't show/show file git status *
-n ignore .gitignore files *
-@ extended attributes and sizes *
* not used in ls
[[ "$*" =~ --help ]] && help
while getopts ':aAtuUSI:rkhnsXL:MNg1lFGRdDiTx@' arg; do
case $arg in
a) (( dot == 1 )) && exa_opts+=(-a) || exa_opts+=(-a -a) ;;
A) exa_opts+=(-a) ;;
t) exa_opts+=(-s modified); ((++rev)) ;;
u) exa_opts+=(-us accessed); ((++rev)) ;;
U) exa_opts+=(-Us created); ((++rev)) ;;
S) exa_opts+=(-s size); ((++rev)) ;;
I) exa_opts+=(--ignore-glob="${OPTARG}") ;;
r) ((++rev)) ;;
k) ((--hru)) ;;
h) ((++hru)) ;;
n) exa_opts+=(--git-ignore) ;;
s) exa_opts+=(-S) ;;
X) exa_opts+=(-s extension) ;;
L) exa_opts+=(--level="${OPTARG}") ;;
M) ((++gpd)) ;;
N) ((++nco)) ;;
g) ((++git)) ;;
1|l|F|G|R|d|D|i|T|x|@) exa_opts+=(-"$arg") ;;
:) printf "%s: -%s switch requires a value\n" "${0##*/}" "${OPTARG}" >&2; exit 1
*) printf "Error: %s\n --help for help\n" "${0##*/}" >&2; exit 1
shift "$((OPTIND - 1))"
(( rev == 1 )) && exa_opts+=(-r)
(( hru <= 0 )) && exa_opts+=(-B)
(( fgp == 0 )) && exa_opts+=(-g)
(( lnk == 0 )) && exa_opts+=(-H)
(( nco == 1 )) && exa_opts+=(--color=never) || exa_opts+=(--color=always)
(( gpd >= 1 )) && exa_opts+=(--group-directories-first)
(( git == 1 )) && \
[[ $(git -C "${*:-.}" rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree) == true ]] 2>/dev/null && exa_opts+=(--git)
exa --color-scale "${exa_opts[@]}" "$@"
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tachoknight commented Apr 6, 2021

Hey, I made a modification to your script to change -h to -H for help; -h shows the size in human readable format (e.g. k for kilobytes). Thanks for writing this, it's really nice!

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tachoknight commented Apr 6, 2021

Also, I have too many years of ls to use exa so I compromised and put this script in $HOME/.local/bin renamed this to and did a ln -s lls and now muscle memory is basically there, I just have to type an additional "l". :)

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eggbean commented Apr 7, 2021

@tachoknight You can make an alias to replace ls by adding this to your ~/.bash_aliases file (assuming it is called and you are using bash):

if command -v exa >/dev/null; then
    alias ls=''
    alias ls='/bin/ls $LS_OPTIONS'

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tachoknight commented Apr 7, 2021

I considered making an alias but I have a number of jobs that make use of ls output with awk that would break, so I opted to leave ls as-is and go with something only I'd know. I'm also experimenting with ks as it's just one key over from l. Definitely need to work on the muscle memory!

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