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elasticdog / ephemeral-port
Created Apr 4, 2019
A pure Bash script to return a random *unused* ephemeral TCP port
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# ephemeral-port
# A script that returns a random *unused* TCP port within the IANA-suggested
# ephemeral port range of 49152 to 65535. Defaults to checking the localhost,
# but takes an optional hostname as an argument.
# See:
elasticdog / pre-commit
Created Sep 20, 2018
Git pre-commit hook for linting YAML files
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
current_branch=$(git symbolic-ref -q HEAD | sed -e 's|^refs/heads/||')
if [[ $current_branch = 'master' ]]; then
printf 'Direct commits to the master branch are not allowed.\n'
exit 1
if command -v yamllint > /dev/null; then
elasticdog / vault-cp
Created Jul 27, 2018
A script to copy Vault secrets from one path to another
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# ensure we were given two command line arguments
if [[ $# -ne 2 ]]; then
echo 'usage: vault-cp SOURCE DEST' >&2
exit 1
elasticdog /
Created Jul 3, 2018
Git Triangular Workflow
  1. Fork an upstream repo -- I'll use terraform-provider-vault as an example.

  2. Clone your forked copy of the repo:

    git clone
    cd terraform-provider-vault/
  3. Add the upstream repo as a remote:

elasticdog / config.nix
Last active May 3, 2017
~/.nixpkgs/config.nix package override for Ansible v2.1.4.0
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packageOverrides = pkgs: rec {
ansible2 = pkgs.stdenv.lib.overrideDerivation pkgs.ansible2 (oldAttrs: rec {
variable = "";
name = "ansible-${variable}";
src = pkgs.fetchurl {
url = "${name}.tar.gz";
sha256 = "05nc68900qrzqp88970j2lmyvclgrjki66xavcpzyzamaqrh7wg9";

Git DMZ Flow

I've been asked a few times over the last few months to put together a full write-up of the Git workflow we use at RichRelevance (and at Precog before), since I have referenced it in passing quite a few times in tweets and in person. The workflow is appreciably different from GitFlow and its derivatives, and thus it brings with it a different set of tradeoffs and optimizations. To that end, it would probably be helpful to go over exactly what workflow benefits I find to be beneficial or even necessary.

  • Two developers working on independent features must never be blocked by each other
    • No code freeze! Ever! For any reason!
  • A developer must be able to base derivative work on another developer's work, without waiting for any third party
  • Two developers working on inter-dependent features (or even the same feature) must be able to do so without interference from (or interfering with) any other parties
  • Developers must be able to work on multiple features simultaneously, or at lea
elasticdog / vagrant-box-clean
Last active May 25, 2018
clean up old versions of vagrant boxes
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
##### Functions
# print this script's usage message to stderr
usage() {
cat <<-EOF >&2
usage: vagrant-box-clean [-p PREFIX] [-d] [-h]
elasticdog / poolboy_demo.ex
Created Oct 23, 2015 — forked from henrik/poolboy_demo.ex
Example of using Poolboy in Elixir to limit concurrency (e.g. of HTTP requests).
View poolboy_demo.ex
defmodule HttpRequester do
use GenServer
def start_link(_) do
GenServer.start_link(__MODULE__, nil, [])
def fetch(server, url) do
# Don't use cast:
timeout_ms = 10_000
View gist:de721744a9718cc85745
elasticdog /
Created Nov 11, 2014
Determine likelyhood of text being in English using Rust
/// Uses the Bhattacharyya coefficient to determine if text is likely to be English.
/// Higher is better.
pub fn probability_english(text: &str) -> f64 {
// count of the number of times a character occurs in the given text
let mut count: BTreeMap<char, f64> = BTreeMap::new();
for letter in text.chars() {
match count.entry(char::to_uppercase(letter)) {
Vacant(entry) => { entry.set(1f64); },
Occupied(mut entry) => *entry.get_mut() += 1f64,
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