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How to get started contributing to a Humanitarian OpenStreetMap task

##How to get started contributing to a Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team task


OpenStreetMap (OSM) is an open-source map of the world that anyone can edit. But like any map, it's incomplete.

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) helps organize people to improve the OSM map for crisis areas, mostly so aid workers can find their way around and make decisions about undermapped places. The data in these crisis areas is often very poor, or completely non-existent. Therefore any contribution you make at all will be a vast improvement, and could materially help people who are on the ground right now, looking at this data as you edit it, and deciding where to go and who to help.

There are many HOT tasks active at once. As of August 2014, the highest-priority tasks are Gaza and areas affected by the West African Ebola outbreak.


Processing LiDAR to extract building heights

Walk through

Detailed walk through of building extraction using postgis

First lets pull a data layer from of openstreetmap. You can do this any which way you’d like, as there are a variety of methods for pulling openstreetmap data from their database. Check the [wiki] ( for a comprehensive list. My favourite method thus far is pulling the data straight into QGIS using the open layers plugin. For those who may want to explore this method, check [this tutorial] ( For building extraction you only need building footprints, and include the building tags. Not all polygons are of type building in OSM, so we can download all the polygons, and then filter the layer for only polygons tagged as buildings.

LiDAR data was pulled from USGS via the Earth Explorer site. [Here] (


Tiny Content Framework

About the project

This is a tiny content strategy framework focused on goals, messages, and branding. This is not a checklist. Use what you need and scrap the rest. Rewrite it or add to it. These topics should help you get to the bottom of things with clients and other people you work with.

Give me feedback on Twitter (@nicoleslaw) or by email (