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Created September 1, 2013 17:12
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String#each_match, kind of like String#scan but returning MatchData instead of the simple match. It takes a block as well!
class String
def each_match(regex)
result = []
position = 0
while match_data = regex.match(self, position) do
result << if block_given? then yield(match_data) else match_data end
position = match_data.end(match_data.size - 1)
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eljojo commented Sep 1, 2013

'jojo'.each_match(/./) do |match|
  [match.pre_match, match[0], match.post_match].join('*')
# => ["*j*ojo", "j*o*jo", "jo*j*o", "joj*o*"]

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