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Last active August 29, 2015 14:22
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Growth Hacking

I know about the existence of Growth Hacking and I know that as a StartUp one of your goals is to, well, grow as much as possible.
I also know about the existence of promotional posts, and how they can benefit both writers and companies looking to reach audiences.
What I didn't know, is how low some companies can go in order to promote their business for free.
Without further ado, here's an email I got yesterday. Let it speak by itself.

Hi Jose Tomas,

We’d love to see what tips you have for social media marketers. 

We would like you to create a post on your personal blog where you share
your tips on how social media marketers can remain competitive.
Try to make this a post that will inspire your readers to support online businesses!
Some points to touch on: 
What are some of the main problems facing small social media marketers?
How do you feel that [REDACTED] could help marketing teams?
What tips of your own do you have for social media marketers on how to stay
competitive with big name stores?

As a supporter of the spirit of entrepreneurship, [REDACTED] is a great
resource for social media marketers, we provides businesses with
social media management software that entrepreneurs can use to expand
their business’s presence online.
On our [REDACTED] Insights blog, we share some creative and practical
tips for social media marketers!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.
We would love to see your post go live ASAP!
(Please send along the link when it goes live).
Our social team will be checking these posts out as they go live and
sharing their favorites on social media, so the sooner the better! 

The deadline for you to submit your link is by Tuesday, 30 June. 

I look forward to reading your post!

Kind regards, 



  • They want me to create a post in my blog.
  • I have no particular interest in the topic.
  • They want me to promote their company.
  • They want a link once the post is online.
  • They want it ASAP.
  • There is an actual deadline (not specified what for).

Whoever sent this to me, has "Senior Marketing Analyst" as their title. I guess anybody can be a senior marketing analyst this days, while having no idea about how social media works.

Here's my tip for Social Media Marketers: don't do this kind of bullshit.

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