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Wojciech Franke enajski

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tonsky / user.keymap
Created Jun 4, 2014
LightTable keymap of Sublime shortcuts
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{ :+
{ :editor
{ "pmeta-/" [:toggle-comment-selection]
"ctrl-shift-up" [:editor.sublime.selectLinesUpward]
"ctrl-shift-down" [:editor.sublime.selectLinesDownward]
"pmeta-d" [:editor.sublime.selectNextOccurrence]
"ctrl-m" [:editor.sublime.goToBracket]
"ctrl-shift-m" [:editor.sublime.selectBetweenBrackets]
"shift-pmeta-space" [:editor.sublime.selectScope]
"ctrl-pmeta-up" [:editor.sublime.swapLineUp]
damionjunk / gist:1500336
Created Dec 20, 2011
Binaural Beats with Overtone and Clojure
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(ns overtone-clj-toys.binaural
(:use []))
;; Binaural Beat Synthesis:
;; Generates binaural beats given the provided carrier and desired
;; frequency. Brown noise is used to soften the background and
;; block out outside noise.
;; freq effect
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