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R. Parnes (1972) Complex zeros of the modified Bessel function Kn⁢(Z). Math. Comp. 26 (120), pp. 949–953 tabulates all zeros of the principal value of Kn⁡(z), for n=2⁢(1)⁢10 (not checked for OCR errors):

n           R(z)                            ± I(z)
2 -1.2813737976560964788484347943  4.2948496520871968779577284110
3 -1.6817888047458454647221805246  1.3080120322739490396502284389
4 -1.9781618634659070241700412324  2.2043719815468711802301895462
4 -2.6286711679571242189239356978  4.3269664862177846518524769588
5 -2.2186262746398760466991398972  3.1130829449859484932024599078
5 -3.1351328447046434221402224695  1.3038823977137057333868902412
6 -2.4234043880011252372669320326  4.0309615812693082518160866112
View quadratic.cpp
#include "quadratic.h"
#include "utility/dspinst.h"
void AudioSynthWaveformRes::update(void)
audio_block_t *block;
uint32_t i, inc;
int32_t ph, modph;
int32_t y, tmp;
uint32_t quadrant;
View resonant.cpp
#include "resonant.h"
#include "utility/dspinst.h"
void AudioSynthWaveformRes::update(void)
audio_block_t *block;
uint32_t i;
if (c or s)

Distortion is 95 dB THD or so, has fewer frequency components than linear-interpolated LUT, but overall THD level is similar.

Can only go up to fs/6, though, because signed a can only go to Q31 1.0, not 2.0.

Found in but didn't work until I combined with

This is even faster, but distorted at low levels:

Crude timing results (Should have measured with many instances in parallel instead):

#!/usr/bin/env python
Copyright 2012 endolith at gmail com
Copyright 2009 Ged Ridgway at gmail com
Translation and modification of
Based on Manja Lehmann's hand-crafted colormap for cortical visualisation
View correction
1   1.5708
2   1.1107
3   1.0472
4   1.0262
5   1.0166
6   1.0115
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Thu Nov 13 21:36:42 2014
from __future__ import division, print_function
import numpy as np
from numpy import zeros, abs, argmin, conj, argsort, concatenate, delete

Convert screenshots of text into actual text.

OCR script for greenshot. Creates a text file on the desktop with the OCRed text. Use the External command Plugin to call tesseract_greenshot.bat, with "{0}" as the argument.

Requires greenshot, tesseract, imagemagick, and python to be installed. This could definitely be less cobbled-together, but it works so who cares. Also there might be a real plugin later? Make sure tesseract and python are in PATH environment variable and "Add application directory to your system path" is checked while installing Imagemagick.

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