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ricardosantos79 /
Last active December 18, 2023 10:13
# Description:
import _tools as Tools
import lmql
from dataclasses import dataclass
from txtai import Embeddings
lynzrand /
Last active January 17, 2024 11:13
Dissonance calculation for up to 19 harmonics with microtonic scales shown -- also see


Type your search: What is Germany?
(Document(page_content="Germany has been described as a [[great power]] with [[Economy of Germany|a strong economy]]; it has the [[List of sovereign states in Europe by GDP (nominal)|largest economy in Europe]], the world's [[List of countries by GDP (nominal)|fourth-largest economy by nominal GDP]] and the [[List of countries by GDP (PPP)|fifth-largest by PPP]]. As a global power in industrial, [[Science and technology in Germany|scientific and technological]] sectors, it is both the world's [[List of countries by exports|third-largest exporter]] and [[List of countries by imports|importer]]. As a [[developed country]] it [[Social security in Germany|offers social security]], [[Healthcare in Germany|a universal health care system]] and [[Higher education in Germany|a tuition-free university education]]. Germany is a member of the [[United Nations]], the European Union, [[NATO]], the [[Council of Europe]], the [[G7]], the [[G20]] and the [[OECD]]. It has the [[List of World
Genteure /
Last active July 17, 2023 21:37
APITable spamming GitHub users and you should avoid them

APITable sending spam to GitHub users

APITable was sending spam to GitHub users that starred Bitwarden's repository, they don't care about user privacy and you should avoid them.

APITable (, claims itself as an "Airtable alternative" that is "Better than all other Airtable open-source alternatives". source (

But I would recommend avoiding them because they were quite shady, especially with how they are advertising themselves.

The unsolicited email

anbnyc /
Last active September 27, 2023 07:33
Unofficial README for NYC Ranked Choice Voting Cast Vote Record (CVR)

Unofficial README for NYC Ranked Choice Voting Cast Vote Record (CVR)

The NYC BOE released the data files, but no metadata or explanation, so we have to do this ourselves.

What is in the files?

Each row is a cast vote, and each column is a preference for a candidate. These are the columns that appear in all spreadsheets, regardless of what borough or ballot type they are:

Column Explanation
Cast Vote Record unique ID number
Precinct AD (assembly district) and ED (election district) where the voter is registered(your polling place is determined by your AD/ED)
jpivarski / final-notebook.ipynb
Last active August 11, 2021 11:58
Replaced vibrating string's overtones with hydrogen atom in
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The Nestworld was an ordered tangle of massive tubes within gigantic braids forming colossal ropes making up stupefyingly vast cables constituting loops almost beyond imagining, and - despite the fact that the transparent outer casing of each tubular component was metres thick - it all twisted, turned and revolved, easy as a length of thread.

The Nestworld’s principal components were giant tubes full of water; they varied in diameter between ten metres and many tens of kilometres and any individual tube might range over its length from the narrowest gauge to the greatest. They were bundled together without touching into larger braids which were contained within encompassingly greater pipes measuring a hundred kilometres or so across, also water-filled; these too revolved independently and were also bundled within yet

In the accommodation block behind her, the nanomissile embedded in Visquile’s brain sensed his Soulkeeper about to read and save his mind. The explosion of the missile’s warhead destroyed the whole building. Debris rained down, around and through her as she walked calmly away.

  • Look To The Windward, Closure

The nanomissiles fired at the Affronter ship accelerated towards it in a cloud of sparkling light ahead of the drone; they were picked off, one by one, over the course of a millisecond, in a dizzy flaring scatter of light-blossoms, their tiny warheads and the remains of their anti-matter fuel erupting together; the last one to be targeted by the Affronter’s effector and forced to self-destruct had closed the range to the ship by less than a kilometre.

Behind, all nine of the tumbling nanomissiles must have been picked out by the effector as well, because they detonated too.

  • Excession, Chapter 4 - Page 135
on2air / same-table-backlinks.js
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Same Table Backlinks