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Recommendation and Ratings Public Data Sets For Machine Learning

Movies Recommendation:

Music Recommendation:

Books Recommendation:

Food Recommendation:

Merchandise Recommendation:

Healthcare Recommendation:

Dating Recommendation:

Scholarly Paper Recommendation:

The jester dataset is not about Movie Recommendations.

From the dataset website:

"Million continuous ratings (-10.00 to +10.00) of 100 jokes from 73,421 users: collected between April 1999 - May 2003."

This is awesome thanks for the great resource.

Amazing resource! Thanks!

Some more here:
netflix(Movies Recommendation):

Great music dataset with a lot of information can be found at

sidooms commented Nov 19, 2013

Another movie ratings dataset: MovieTweetings -
Movie ratings are extracted from Twitter and added to the dataset on a daily basis.

Thank you that's Awesome

Thank you but that is old !

Thanks .. very helpful

dbharath commented May 1, 2015

Awesome resource !

i'm working on recommender systems in the field of museum domain.
is there any data set for artworks rating????

Any reason why I CANNOT get access to the hospital data?

Hi Entaroadun,

Can you briefly describe the hospital dataset you worked with? I'd love to reproduce your research.


1110001 commented Jan 10, 2016

I cannot access the Amazon Product Recommendation dataset. Is there any alternate link??

Hi, I am not able to download Amazon Product Recommendation Dataset. Can you please help ?

cuixue commented May 2, 2016

is there any dataset used for predicting whether user clicked this advertisement,click is 1 ,otherwise 0.

Ashu507 commented Sep 20, 2016

Hello Friends, Can any one provide me the link to download amazon product recommendation dataset.

Amazon product dataset can be found here:

rzykov commented Mar 24, 2017

I just shared new ecommerce dataset for recommender systems

Thanks a lot!

Joeran commented Apr 2, 2017

Dataset in the field of research-paper recommendations:'s%20Research%20Paper%20Recommender%20System.pdf

The four datasets contain metadata of 9.4 million academic articles,
including 1.8 million articles publicly available on the Web; the
articles’ citation network; anonymized information on 8,059 Docear
users; information about the users’ 52,202 mind-maps and personal
libraries; and details on the 308,146 recommendations that the
recommender system delivered. The datasets are a unique source of
information to enable, for instance, research on collaborative
filtering, content-based filtering, and the use of referencemanagement
and mind-mapping software.

blessedeve commented Apr 25, 2017


Thank you, it's very help for newbie :)

hi , i am working on user based collaborating filtering but need data set of food items with rating of users. If someone can kindly provide me link of such data base i will be very grateful to you as i am doing my university project

Is their user rating dataset for games??

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