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Created January 21, 2012 20:10
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Recommendation and Ratings Public Data Sets For Machine Learning

Movies Recommendation:

Music Recommendation:

Books Recommendation:

Food Recommendation:

Merchandise Recommendation:

Healthcare Recommendation:

Dating Recommendation:

Scholarly Paper Recommendation:

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hi , i am working on user based collaborating filtering but need data set of food items with rating of users. If someone can kindly provide me link of such data base i will be very grateful to you as i am doing my university project

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Is their user rating dataset for games??

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Hi, does anyone have an open dataset for course rating in MOOCs or any other e-learning platform?
Thanks in advance.

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Good resources, Thanks!

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Can anyone suggest me good dataset which is not used or analysed much? I want to do a case study using logistic regression on new dataset.

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alirezaborzuei commented Jun 26, 2020

I want dataset about products like electronic or clothing,... that should have picture.what to do?

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komalg1 commented Jul 28, 2020

Is there a dataset for course recommendation based on skills and current job profile?

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Suesha11 commented Nov 6, 2020

hello, is there any datasets on gadgets?

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Hello All,
Is there any news recommendation dataset available? with news body available too.
Sadly, the MIND (Microsoft News Recommendation Dataset) doesn't have news full body available with it.

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Is there a dataset for course recommendations based on students' academic performance/based on similar student recommendations?

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Hi, would anyone be able to help get access to the online dating website? I cannot seem to find it. Thanks!

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Hello, I'm looking for the 'Scholarly Paper Recommendation Dataset', but looks like it isn't available anymore. Does anyone have any other font for it?

Broken link:

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