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Last active Sep 2, 2020
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Syntax highlighting code for PowerPoint (Mac OS)

How to add syntax-highlighted code to PowerPoint slides (Mac OS)

  1. pygmentize -f rtf FILE | pbcopy
  2. Paste into TextEdit (in rich text mode: Format → Make Rich Text before pasting), and copy to clipboard again.
  3. In PowerPoint, Edit → Paste Special… → Styled Text.

(Pasting RTF directly into PowerPoint doesn't work correctly, at least with PowerPoint 2008 — it extends colour spans longer than it should, and sometimes removes line breaks. Going via TextEdit seems to solve the problem.)

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matatk commented Jun 16, 2014

With PowerPoint 2011 for Mac, I found that it is not necessary to go via TextEdit to preserve the formatting -- however it was necessary to use the "Paste Options" popup to "Keep Source Formatting" (explained there for Windows).

I found a page with previews of all the pygmentize styles which can be helpful finding a style for you (especially in my case, as I needed one with white text, whereas the default one has black text).

Thanks for this great tip, BTW. Also I didn't know about pbcopy!

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benders commented May 22, 2015

Great tip! Seemingly obvious in hindsight, yet something I had not considered at all before.

For future readers, note that you can also read from the clipboard if you don't want to extract your snippets out to files: pbpaste | pygmentize -l ruby -f rtf | pbcopy. In this scenario the lexer (-l) should be specified, since there will be no filename to guess from.

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gernotstarke commented Feb 29, 2020

WHOW... this definitely makes my day. Need to prepare dozens of slides with (cucumber) code - your tipp saved hours! Thanx.

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