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Perl unzip example with IO::Uncompress::Unzip
# example perl code, this may not actually run without tweaking, especially on Windows
use strict;
use warnings;
IO::Uncompress::Unzip works great to process zip files; but, it doesn't include a routine to actually
extract an entire zip file.
Other modules like Archive::Zip include their own unzip routines, which aren't as robust as IO::Uncompress::Unzip;
eg. they don't work on zip64 archive files.
So, the following is code to actually use IO::Uncompress::Unzip to extract a zip file.
use File::Spec::Functions qw(splitpath);
use IO::File;
use IO::Uncompress::Unzip qw($UnzipError);
use File::Path qw(mkpath);
# example code to call unzip:
=head2 unzip
Extract a zip file, using IO::Uncompress::Unzip.
Arguments: file to extract, destination path
unzip('', '/tmp/unzipped');
sub unzip {
my ($file, $dest) = @_;
die 'Need a file argument' unless defined $file;
$dest = "." unless defined $dest;
my $u = IO::Uncompress::Unzip->new($file)
or die "Cannot open $file: $UnzipError";
my $status;
for ($status = 1; $status > 0; $status = $u->nextStream()) {
my $header = $u->getHeaderInfo();
my (undef, $path, $name) = splitpath($header->{Name});
my $destdir = "$dest/$path";
unless (-d $destdir) {
mkpath($destdir) or die "Couldn't mkdir $destdir: $!";
if ($name =~ m!/$!) {
last if $status < 0;
my $destfile = "$dest/$path/$name";
my $buff;
my $fh = IO::File->new($destfile, "w")
or die "Couldn't write to $destfile: $!";
while (($status = $u->read($buff)) > 0) {
my $stored_time = $header->{'Time'};
utime ($stored_time, $stored_time, $destfile)
or die "Couldn't touch $destfile: $!";
die "Error processing $file: $!\n"
if $status < 0 ;

above code is licensed under GPL 2 and/or Artistic license; aka free perl software

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