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protocol AbsoluteValuable
protocol ArrayBound
protocol ArrayBufferType
protocol ArrayLiteralConvertible
protocol ArrayType
protocol BidirectionalIndex
protocol BitwiseOperations
protocol CVarArg
protocol CharacterLiteralConvertible
protocol Collection
protocol Comparable
protocol DebugPrintable
protocol DictionaryLiteralConvertible
protocol Equatable
protocol ExtendedGraphemeClusterLiteralConvertible
protocol ExtensibleCollection
protocol FloatLiteralConvertible
protocol FloatingPointNumber
protocol ForwardIndex
protocol Generator
protocol Hashable
protocol Integer
protocol IntegerArithmetic
protocol IntegerLiteralConvertible
protocol LogicValue
protocol Mirror
protocol MutableCollection
protocol MutableSliceable
protocol NilLiteralConvertible
protocol OutputStream
protocol Printable
protocol RandomAccessIndex
protocol RawOptionSet
protocol RawRepresentable
protocol Reflectable
protocol Sequence
protocol SignedInteger
protocol SignedNumber
protocol Sink
protocol Sliceable
protocol Streamable
protocol StringElement
protocol StringInterpolationConvertible
protocol StringLiteralConvertible
protocol UnicodeCodec
protocol UnsignedInteger
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