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Drop Window for Playground
import Foundation
import Cocoa
import XCPlayground
public let DropNotification = "DropNotification"
public class DropWindow : NSWindow {
required public init?(coder: NSCoder) {
super.init(coder: coder)
override public init(contentRect: NSRect, styleMask aStyle: Int, backing bufferingType: NSBackingStoreType, defer flag: Bool) {
super.init(contentRect: contentRect, styleMask: aStyle, backing: bufferingType, defer: flag)
public convenience init() {
let screenFrame : CGRect! = NSScreen.mainScreen()?.frame
self.init(contentRect:CGRectMake(screenFrame.size.width - 220,
screenFrame.size.height - 80, 120, 80),
styleMask: NSTitledWindowMask, backing: .Buffered, defer: false)
XCPSetExecutionShouldContinueIndefinitely(continueIndefinitely: true)
self.title = "Drop Files Here"
self.backgroundColor = .darkGrayColor()
public func draggingEntered(sender: NSDraggingInfo!) -> NSDragOperation {return NSDragOperation.Copy}
public func draggingUpdated(sender: NSDraggingInfo!) -> NSDragOperation {return NSDragOperation.Copy}
public func performDragOperation(sender: NSDraggingInfo!) -> Bool {
let pboard = sender.draggingPasteboard()
let files: [String]! = pboard.propertyListForType(NSFilenamesPboardType) as? [String]
NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter().postNotificationName(DropNotification, object: files)
return true
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