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I wrote GrabUpper many moons ago as a favor for a friend when GrabUp died. GrabUpper lets you automatically upload screenshots to Dropbox or TwitPic.
Open the settings drawer (lower-right button). Enter your TwitPic (Twitter) credentials and/or add your Dropbox User ID. To retrieve this, visit and right-click any item in your Public folder. Choose Copy Public Link. Your user id is between "/u/" and the file name, e.g.
ScreenShots: Choose where you want screenshots sent to. With the screen shot service running (butterfly button), take a screenshot. If you select DropBox as the destination, it must be running on your computer for this to work.
Compressing URLs: Choose GrabUpper > Bitly the Pasteboard (or Command-B) to compress a URL copied to the system clipboard.
* Delete Screenshots After Upload (TwitPic only) -- clean up the screenshot once it's up at TwitPic
* Auto-open URL -- open the URL you just generated in your default browser
* Apply to URL -- compress the URLs you generate
* Sound -- Audio announcement when the URL is ready
* Watch Dropbox Folder -- automatically create a URL for any item added to the Dropbox Public Folder (super handy!)

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