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git push it, git push it real good

Eric Barnes ericlbarnes

git push it, git push it real good
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ericlbarnes / PewPewPew.php
Created May 7, 2020 15:12
Hold up... Wait a minute... It's a Laravel Chopper
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namespace App\Console\Commands;
use Illuminate\Console\Command;
class PewPewPew extends Command
protected $signature = 'pewpewpew';
protected $description = 'Command description';
ericlbarnes / beartagcons.txt
Created January 6, 2018 16:33
A list of all the Bear Writing app sidebar icons
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#apple watch#
* saitama
* one punch man
* one-punch man
* one punch-man
* onepunch-man
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Trying to filter "out of office" emails from my inbox as I receive a lot of them when I send a blast.
I need help - what do your "out of office" emails say in your langauge? Comment Below!
## Gmail Filter
("Automatische Antwort" OR "Automatic reply" OR "AutoReply" OR "Out of Office" OR "Xesc Duran" OR "Abwesend" OR "Absence" OR "Absence du bureau" OR "À l'extérieur du bureau" OR "Réponse automatique" OR "Abwesenheitsnotiz" OR "Resposta automática" OR "Automaattinen vastaus" OR "Automatisch antwoord" OR "Afwezig" OR "Afwezigheid" OR "Niet aanwezig" OR "Poza zasięgiem" OR "Na wakacjach" OR "Poza biurem" OR "Automatyczna odpowiedź" OR "Z dala od komputera" OR "Αυτόματη απάντηση" OR "Εκτός γραφείου" OR "na dovolenké" OR "mimo kancelárie" OR "automatická odpověď" OR "Autosvar" OR "Fora do escritório" OR "na dovolené" OR "mimo kancelář")
## List
Automatische Antwort
Automatic reply
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___ ____ ___
____( \ .-' `-. / )____
(____ \_____ / (O O) \ _____/ ____)
(____ `-----( ) )-----' ____)
(____ _____________\ .____. /_____________ ____)
(______/ `-.____.-' \______)
View shippo-transaction.json
"object_state": "VALID",
"object_status": "SUCCESS",
"object_created": "2013-12-27T19:14:48.273Z",
"object_updated": "2013-12-27T19:14:48.273Z",
"object_id": "64bba01845ef40d29374032599f22588",
"object_owner": "",
"was_test": false,
"rate": "cf6fea899f1848b494d9568e8266e076",
"tracking_number": "ZW70QJC",
View laravel-slug.php
namespace App\Services;
use App\Post;
class Slug
* @param $title
View test.blade.php
{{ \Carbon\Carbon::setLocale('fr') }}
{{ $link->published_at->diffForHumans() }}
// Results
il y a 4 heures
Or another:
{{ \Carbon\Carbon::setLocale('de') }}
{{ $link->published_at->diffForHumans() }}
ericlbarnes / Implementation.php
Last active September 27, 2015 04:44
Example code for pulling the top posts from WordPress API
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<?php $popular = (new WordPressApi())->popular(); ?>
<?php foreach ($popular as $post): ?>
<li><a href=“<?php echo $post->href; ?>”><?php echo $post->title; ?></li>
<?php endforeach; ?>
ericlbarnes / app.js
Created July 22, 2015 02:18
Example delete request
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$(document).ready(function() {
$("button.remove").on('click', function(e){
if ( ! confirm('Are you sure?')) {
return false;
var action = $(this).data("action");
var parent = $(this).parent();
type: 'delete',
View sendy.nginx
server {
listen 80;
listen [::]:80;
root /home/forge/;
# ssl on;
# ssl_certificate;
# ssl_certificate_key;