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Last active June 14, 2021 15:35
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Headline Scroller

A local news station needs you to program their LED scroller screen. It will scroll headlines from the right side to the left side all day. Write a function that takes a headline (string) and the number of characters in the LED screen (integer) and returns a list of the different refreshes of the screen.

The first refresh should be a string of all spaces to clear the screen:

(nth (scroller "HEADLINE" 10) 0) ;=> "          "

It should be a number of spaces equal to the width of the screen (in this case, 10).

The second refresh should have the first letter after 9 spaces:

(nth (scroller "HEADLINE" 10) 1) ;=> "         H"


(nth (scroller "HEADLINE" 10) 2) ;=> "        HE"

The full output:

(scroller "HEADLINE" 10) => ("          "
                             "         H"
                             "        HE"
                             "       HEA"
                             "      HEAD"
                             "     HEADL"
                             "    HEADLI"
                             "   HEADLIN"
                             "  HEADLINE"
                             " HEADLINE "
                             "HEADLINE  "
                             "EADLINE   "
                             "ADLINE    "
                             "DLINE     "
                             "LINE      "
                             "INE       "
                             "NE        "
                             "E         "
                             "          ")

The scroller should end with a string of 10 spaces again.

Thanks to this site for the problem idea, where it is rated Very Hard in Ruby. The problem has been modified.

Please submit your solutions as comments on this gist.

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steffan-westcott commented Jun 1, 2021

(defn scroller [s width]
  (let [blank (apply str (repeat width " "))
        text (str blank s blank)]
    (map #(subs text % (+ % width)) (-> s count (+ width 1) range))))

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KingCode commented Jun 1, 2021

(defn scroller [txt width]
  (let [padding (-> width (repeat " "))
        banner (-> [] (into padding) (into txt) (into padding))
        len (count txt)
        rows (-> len (* 2) ;; one row for each dis/appearing char. 
                  (+ (- width len)) ;; + while fully visible
    (->> (range rows) 
         (map #(->> banner (drop %) (take width) (apply str))))))

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(defn scroller [s width]
  (let [xs (concat (repeat width \space) s)
        ys (cycle xs)]
    (for [l (range (+ (count s) width 1))]
      (apply str (->> ys
                  (drop l)
                  (take width))))))

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(defn padded-headline [h n]
  (let [spaces (clojure.string/join "" (repeat n \space))]
    (str spaces h spaces)))

(defn scroller [h n]
  (let [ph (padded-headline h n)]
    (->> (range (+ 3 (* 2 (count h))))
         (map (fn [x] (clojure.string/join "" (take n (drop x ph))))))))

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mchampine commented Jun 2, 2021

(defn scroller [hl n]
  (let [ps (partition n 1 (cycle (concat (repeat n " ") hl)))]
    (take (inc (+ (count hl) n)) (map (partial apply str) ps))))

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bgrabow commented Jun 2, 2021

(defn scroller
  [h n]
  (->> (apply str (concat (repeat n " ") h (repeat n " ")))
      (partition n 1)
      (map #(apply str %))))

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(defn scroller
  [st leds]
  (map (fn [frame]
         (subs (apply str (concat (repeat leds " ") st (repeat leds " "))) 
               (+ frame leds)))               
       (range 0 (+ (count st) leds 1))))

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ndonolli commented Jun 3, 2021

(defn scroller [text size]
 (let [pad (repeat size " ")] 
  (->> (concat pad text pad)
       (partition size 1)
       (map (partial apply str)))))  

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(defn scroller [s width]
   (let [blanked (apply str (repeat width " "))
         combined (concat blanked s blanked)]
     (->> combined
          (partition width 1)
          (map (partial apply str)))))

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sztamas commented Jun 9, 2021

(defn scroller [headline width]
  (let [cleared-screen  (repeat width " ")
        padded-headline (apply str (concat cleared-screen headline cleared-screen))]
    (->> (range (+ (count headline) width 1))
         (map #(subs padded-headline % (+ % width))))))

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