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monkeyin' around

Erik Hollensbe erikh

monkeyin' around
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if [ -x "$(which kubectl)" ] && [ -d ~/.kube ]
## usage: k <config file> <kubectl command>
## config file must exist in ~/.kube
k() {
KUBECONFIG=~/.kube/${config} kubectl "$@"
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package main
import (
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// Package aestar implements an encrypted tar file that can be extracted by any
// tar program. The filenames and contents are obfuscated; an encrypted index
// is formed to map the obfuscated names to real names.
// aestar does not implement all tar features at this time, but as it matures
// it will extend to support most common options.
package aestar
import (
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from "centos:7.3.1611"
ROOT = "/hack/saratk/nic"
env GOROOT: "/usr/local/bin/go",
GOPATH: "/go",
PATH: "/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/go/bin:/go/bin"
run "yum install -y gcc gcc-c++ wget autoconf automake libtool curl make g++ unzip pkg-config"
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from "ubuntu"
myuser = "erikh"
homedir = "/home/#{myuser}"
packages = %w[

Box: A Next-Generation Builder for Docker Images Build Status

Box is a builder for docker that gives you the power of mruby, a limited, embeddable ruby. It allows for notions of conditionals, loops, and data structures for use within your builder plan. If you've written a Dockerfile before, writing a box build plan is easy.

  • Unique general features:
    • mruby syntax
    • filtering of keywords to secure builds

mruby Library for Go Build Status

go-mruby provides mruby bindings for Go. This allows Go applications to run a lightweight embedded Ruby VM. Using the mruby library, Go applications can call Ruby code, and Ruby code can call Go code (that is properly exposed)!

At the time of writing, this is the most comprehensive mruby library for Go by far. It is also the only mruby library for Go that enables exposing Go functions to Ruby as well as being able to generically convert complex

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package main
import (
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package builder
import (
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package executor
import "io"
// Hook is a hook used in commit calls
type Hook func(b *Builder, id string) (string, error)
// Executor execs
type Executor interface {
User() string