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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am erkobridee on github.
  • I am erkobridee ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 8663 C7F5 106D 5DA5 15C2 5150 D108 59CA 450F 69E1

To claim this, I am signing this object:


'^', '~', '<=', '*', ...

package.json > dependencies and devDependencies

exactly 1.3.2

"vendor/package": "1.3.2"
View prettyTime.js
// value in milliseconds
function prettyTime(value){
var days = Math.floor(value/86400000);
value = value%86400000;
var hours = Math.floor(value/3600000);
value = value%3600000;
var minutes = Math.floor(value/60000);
value = value%60000;
var seconds = Math.floor(value/1000);

spotlight indexing

run as super user sudo

  • enable indexing
mdutil -a -i on
View example_01.js
function* shopping() {
// stuff on the sidewalk
// walking down the sidewalk
// go into the store with cash
const stuffFromStore = yield 'cash';
// walking to laundry place
const cleanClothes = yield 'laundry';
View es6_transform_data_points.js
// from an array of arrays of points
const points = [
// to array of objects x,y points
function transformPointsData(points){
return[ x, y ]) => {
View array_reduce_unique_numbers.js
function unique(array) {
return array.reduce(function(acc, item){
if(!acc.find(function(element){ return element === item; })){
return acc;
}, []);
var numbers = [1,1,2,3,4,4];
View array_reduce_balanced_parens.js
function balancedParens(string){
return !string.split('').reduce(function(previous, char){
if(previous < 0) { return previous; }
if(char === '(') { return ++previous; }
if(char === ')'){ return --previous; }
return previous;
}, 0);

info from Github staff:

To make it easier to vendor third-party dependencies via package managers like Bundler or NPM (or Yarn), Jekyll now ignores the vendor and node_modules directories by default, speeding up build times and avoiding potential errors. If you need those directories included in your site, simply add them to your configuration's include directive.

just keep in mind, avoid directories with names: vendors or node_modules when deploy anything to gh-pages =)

other info from Github staff:

Since you're not using Jekyll, it will be easier for you to add an empty .nojekyll file to the root of your repository. This will tell Jekyll not to run, and then your vendored files will be included in the build.