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doing open source

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doing open source
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vincentdavis / gist:8588879
Last active Jan 4, 2016
De Bruijn sequence
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def debruijn(k, n):
De Bruijn sequence for alphabet size k (0,1,2...k-1)
and subsequences of length n.
From wikipedia Sep 22 2013
a = [0] * k * n
sequence = []
def db(t, p,):
if t > n:
minrk /
Created Apr 23, 2013
piphub - simple shortcut for installing projects from GitHub
#!/usr/bin/env python
piphub - shortcut for user-only editable install from GitHub
piphub org[/repo] [name]
`name` only needs to be specified if it differs from `repo`.
If the organization, repo, and name all have the same value (e.g. ipython),
esc / bloscpack_new_header.rst
Created Jun 27, 2012
Bloscpack new header
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RFC for the new Bloscpack Header

Author: Valentin Haenel

The following 32 bit header is proposed for bloscpack as of version 0.2.0. The design goals of the new header format are to contain as much information as possible to achieve interesting things in the future and to be as general as possible such that the new persistence layer of CArray is compatible with

GaelVaroquaux / 00README.rst
Last active Feb 25, 2022
Copy-less bindings of C-generated arrays with Cython
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Cython example of exposing C-computed arrays in Python without data copies

The goal of this example is to show how an existing C codebase for numerical computing (here c_code.c) can be wrapped in Cython to be exposed in Python.

The meat of the example is that the data is allocated in C, but exposed in Python without a copy using the PyArray_SimpleNewFromData numpy