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Last active Jun 17, 2021
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I've reserved some crate names on for future use.

I'm willing to turn over any crate names to interested parties under some criteria:

  1. The name actually suits the project. If the crate name is banana and your project is about apples, its off-topic use. Name it apples instead!
  2. Your crate is a significant contribution to the ecosystem and not just e.g. some test project or something you never intend to finish.
  3. You intend to maintain the crate.
  4. There is a RIIR-only policy to help pure-Rust implementations getting great names. This means: no crate names for API bindings of any non-rust codebases, rust-idiomatic or otherwise. There are three exceptions to this rule: OS/driver API bindings, projects that are getting rewritten part by part and where some parts are already rewritten (like ring), and if you are the original creator of the non-Rust codebase and you want to provide the bindings yourself, you'll get the name as well.
  5. You actually have it almost done so that its usable by other people. With "usable" I mean that the crate is functional and can be integrated into software fulfilling the task its meant for.

Please get in touch with me if you wish access or have any questions. Thank you!

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piebot3000 commented Jan 31, 2019

"Your crate is a significant contribution to the ecosystem and not just e.g. some test project or something you never intend to finish."
you broke your own rule
this is not a significant contribution to the ecosystem

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est31 commented Nov 8, 2019

I'm putting up rules, willing to vet access and give it to people who deserve it. That is a valuable contribution in my eyes. So many good names on were taken by weekend prototypes never intended to be finished or by bindings to c libraries while rust rewrites would have been more valuable. And yes, you need to become a squatter to fight the squatters. That's the only way other than changing the rules which the team is unwilling to.

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jkelleyrtp commented Jun 17, 2021

Hey, I'm interested in the name "Dirac" that you have reserved.

I'm working on a VDOM for Rust called "Dioxus" ( which I want to release with a state management toolkit. Dirac is a great name since the state management library leans heavily into the concept of "atoms" for state. I originally considered Dyon but that's already taken by a scripting language. Plus Dioxus-Dirac sounds like React-Redux and that makes me happy.

Any chance you'd be willing to part with Dirac?

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est31 commented Jun 17, 2021

@jkelleyrtp sounds like a reasonable use for the crate. I've sent you an invite.

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