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Last active Jul 31, 2016
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Elm 0.17.1


This is a patch release. Everything is the same, just slightly better!

The main changes are:

  • Default dependencies in elm-package.json are elm-lang/core and elm-lang/html.
  • Error messages for elm-package are improved (e.g. this and this)
  • Packages download concurrently (a.k.a. faster)
  • Make elm-reactor serve assets better. Was messing up CSS and HTML.
  • Use ~/.elm/0.17.1/ so all globally cached things are isolated
  • Binaries are much smaller (~120MB to ~40MB on OSX)

This release was motivated by seeing new folks trying to install evancz/elm-html instead of elm-lang/html, so the most important improvement is with the elm-package error messages. Hopefully that'll make things smoother for people!

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vilterp commented Jun 29, 2016

Nice 🎉 How did the binaries get that much smaller?

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