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Use Jekyll Deploy command

jekyll-deploy adds a new jekyll command, accessed on the command line as jekyll deploy. It allows you to add a custom config to quickly deploy the site after build to a different destination.


Create a file in root project directory called Gemfile that contains:

source ""

gem 'jekyll', '3.2.1'

group :jekyll_plugins do
  gem 'jekyll-deploy'

Open a terminal in the project directory and type command bundle install. This will download and install the plugin.


Open the project's _config.yml. Add deploy command to the end of the config, for example:

# deploy commands 
- rsync -r ./ ../../test/

Deploy commands run from the _site directory and can be any command line phrase.


First, build your project using jekyll build or jekyll serve. Then type command jekyll deploy. This will activate the command you set in the config.

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