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get stuff off flickr

Need to download metadata from flickr?

You can bulk download stuff from flickr very easily now (which is a great feature), by going to Camera Roll, selecting things, and clicking download. Or you can bulk download your sets/albums now as well. This is handy, but it doesnt export any metadata you added to the photos in the system.

Unfortunately, I found none of the apps are very stable. The most recent and least broken apps are:

Linux has one good option, but set up takes forever if you have lots of photos,


You want exiftool, nothing else consitantly works to look at metadata.

  • Download the complete version,
  • extract the files
  • in the extracted directory, use ./exiftool picture.jpg to look at exif data of the pic without installing.
  • use ./exiftool -json=picture.jpg.json picture.jpg to write json metadata to the embedded exif data of the image (you get the json or xmp file from other applications).
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