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Last active Apr 21, 2022
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Run Python script as systemd service
  1. Create a service file like dash_sniffer.service
  2. Put it in /lib/systemd/system/
  3. Reload systemd using command: systemctl daemon-reload
  4. Enable auto start using command: systemctl enable dash_sniffer.service
Description=Dash Button Sniffer
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thatguycharan commented Dec 4, 2017

I followed the same steps for my program lying on GCP but it didn't work.
I was trying to daemonize a python script made for polling a telegram bot.

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skyway22 commented Feb 12, 2018

Well, post the details (service file, script) so others can help.

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tinkerBOY-git commented Feb 22, 2018


ExecStart=/usr/bin/python /usr/bin/

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matthijskooijman commented Aug 22, 2018

Wouldn't it be better to put the file in /etc/systemd/system, rather than in /lib? They are both used, but AFAIK the latter is intended for installed packages, rather than administrator additions.

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crisscrt commented Aug 29, 2018

  • add

#! /usr/bin/python to

  • chmod 777

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KaranTrivedi commented Jun 26, 2019

chmod 777 chesus crust

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romangraef commented Apr 22, 2020

We all had that one guy who pulled a sneaky chmod 777 -R / on the server, right?

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ali-aliabadi commented Jan 23, 2021

We all had that one guy who pulled a sneaky chmod 777 -R / on the server, right?


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