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Last active January 3, 2018 17:31
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Deployer 6.0 - Symfony Flex (4.0) Basic Deploy script
namespace Deployer;
require 'recipe/common.php';
//Project Name
set('application', 'app_name');
// Project repository
set('repository', '');
// [Optional] Allocate tty for git clone. Default value is false.
set('git_tty', true);
//composer options
set('composer_action', 'update');
set('composer_options', '{{composer_action}} --optimize-autoloader --no-suggest --no-progress');
// Shared files/dirs between deploys
set('shared_files', [
set('shared_dirs', [
// Writable dirs by web server
set('writable_dirs', []);
set('allow_anonymous_stats', false);
// Hosts
->set('deploy_path', '/var/www/');
// Tasks
task('symlink:public', function() {
$output = run('if [ ! -d {{deploy_path}}/www ]; then ln -s {{deploy_path}}/current/public {{deploy_path}}/www; fi;');
task('doctrine:update', function() {
$output = run('if [ -f {{deploy_path}}/current/bin/console ]; then php {{deploy_path}}/current/bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force; fi');
writeln('<info>' . $output . '</info>');
desc('Deploy project');
task('deploy', [
// [Optional] If deploy fails automatically unlock.
after('deploy:failed', 'deploy:unlock');
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exts commented Jan 3, 2018

Nothing special, but if you want to get a basic app up you can use this as a base. Since almost all your configuration is in the .env file you can share just that file and maybe the logs folder and you're good to go.

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