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godot wasm mono
⛶Today at 2:45 PM
you need emsdk:
1.38.48 or greater do not seem to work with mono right now. we're using 1.38.47
i've had some issues with fastcomp, so i recommend upstream
# Clone and update esmdk
git clone
cd emsdk
git pull
# Install version 1.38.47-upstream
./emsdk install 1.38.47-upstream
# Activate version 1.38.47-upstream. This creates a $HOME/.emscripten file which our build scripts require.
./emsdk activate 1.38.47-upstream
cd ..
# Clone Mono
git clone
# Our scripts need this environment variable to find the mono source code
# Clone the build scripts and build the Mono runtime for wasm
git clone
cd godot-mono-builds
./ configure --target=runtime
./ make --target=runtime
# By default, the output path is $HOME/mono-installs/wasm-runtime-release/
then you specify that path when building godot for wasm:
scons p=javascript tools=no target=release_debug module_mono_enabled=yes mono_prefix=$HOME/mono-installs/wasm-runtime-release/
also, you may need to install some packages required for compiling Mono:
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