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from sagemaker import get_execution_role
role = get_execution_role()
ezeeetm /
Created December 22, 2017 00:06
Automating Vulnerability Management on AWS with TripWire IP360
#!/usr/bin/env python
import xmlrpclib
import ssl
import logging
import os
import sys
import time
ezeeetm / dloadCleanup.ps1
Last active December 19, 2017 19:01
for nate...
deletes files on login by file age and a list of file name regular expressions
srsly man, that's all it does.
# Note: the script below is to determine the SMB version of a standalone Windows system
# If you are checking a file server or other system with known active SMB connections, simply run Get-SmbConnection in admin shell,
# and observe the various negotiated SMB dialects of the individual sessions
$loopBack = dir \\localhost\c$
$smbVer = Get-SmbConnection -ServerName localhost | Select Dialect | Sort-Object -Unique
This will return something like:
ezeeetm / nationWideEats.ps1
Created March 12, 2016 03:39
scrapes stuff
$locations = @(
@('3747','Plaza One'),
@('3743','Plaza Three')
$restaurants = @(
'Claddagh''s Irish Pub',
'Mikey''s Late Night Slice',
'Greek Street',
'Phy Pho Phom',
ezeeetm / blueGreenDeploy.ps1
Created December 18, 2015 14:01
Command line utility for initiating blue-green deployments, to be called by a build step, or by another script, in a Jenkins job.
Optional/has default value. Specifies the AWS region, e.g. 'us-east-1'. See script Param section for allowed values.
.PARAMETER environment
Required. Specifies a friendly name for the environment, e.g. 'dev'. See script Param section for allowed values.
""" - version 1.0 tested using Python 2.7.5 [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)] on Windows 7 x64
- Accepts command line arguments
- Opens simple IP:socket on a 4U2SEE LED wallboard
- Sends messages to control the behaviour of the 4U2SEE LED wallboard, defined by command line arguments and stdin
- Closes the socket
- add some minimal try/except error handling
- add minor debug verbose output
ezeeetm / srsy.ps1
Created September 15, 2015 19:55
write your own
Command line utility for scheduled DR backups to an isolated offsite AWS account.
Logs to .\dailySnapShotLogs
Starts the long running script
ezeeetm / AWS Instance Scheduler sample schedule
Created July 15, 2015 20:11
AWS Instance Scheduler sample schedule
#accepted format: instanceId,Instance Name,Group,startTime,stopTime
#example (uncomment actual entries):
#i-c6e7bc27,LMS WebHead Golden Image,EVEN,1000,0100
i-80957b6c,SchoolPointe Jenkins 3.0,ALL,1100,2259
#i-659e3f03,SchoolPointe Script Host I,ALL,0630,0930