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Created September 18, 2013 04:04
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// A design pattern for a notifier module
var transport = null; // will store our connection to nodemailer
var actions = ['generate_quote', 'generate_application', 'submit_application']; // actions allowed to email
// There is no model
exports.initModel() {}
// There are no routes
exports.initRoutes() {}
exports.init(app, config) {
// create transport from config settings
// save transport
// call to send an email
// action will determine which template to use
// options should be the options object as required by template and nodemailer
exports.notify(action, options) {
// check for valid action
// attempt to generate template
// template success, send email with nodemailer transport
// optionally send other notification options as needed
// render template
generateTemplate(options, cb) {}
sendEmail(options, cb) {}
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