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module.exports = {
friendlyName: 'Update object by Id',
description: 'Update a salseforce object given Id and new values.',
extendedDescription: 'Requires authentication with username, password, and secret token.',
inputs: {
email: {
example: '',
description: 'Email address used to login to your salseforce account.',

Kinect/ projector calibration and mapping:

Map Projections to moving objects in real time.

Uses the Kinect to track and locate objects. Might be overkill for this project since the table doesn't move. However might be cool to use in reverse to NOT project onto people who are interacting with the table:

Kinect projector calibration

Another example that might be overkill since the table is static.

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* Add express to package.json
* Keep the app.get('*') for nice sinlge page app support
var express = require("express"),
app = express(),
port = parseInt(process.env.PORT, 10) || 4567;


  • Make changes on develop. Commit and push to origin.
  • Swtich to master, pull and merge from orgin.
  • IMPORTANT: You'll need to commit the build files since the build process times out on Heroku and so you need to do it locally.
  • From your Master Branch, change your .Procfile to web: ./node_modules/.bin/grunt build optimize && node server/server
  • Run $ foreman start which will simulate building on Heroku.
  • You should now have a bunch of new files in your build folder. Commit those. DONT COMMIT THE PROCFILE!
  • Now, back to normal...
  • Wait! Make sure to test the app as building and minification often breaks stuff!
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function ImagesController($scope, $routeParams, $location, Global) {
// get global settings
$ = Global;
// set filepicker key
// define our empty image object
$scope.newImage = {};
View email_module_pattern.js
// A design pattern for a notifier module
var transport = null; // will store our connection to nodemailer
var actions = ['generate_quote', 'generate_application', 'submit_application']; // actions allowed to email
// There is no model
exports.initModel() {}
// There are no routes
exports.initRoutes() {}

Emailer / Notifier Best Practices

  • Supports any protocol, ideally by just setting a config option or function.
  • Supports sendgrid, which is a Heroku based app, making it super simple to get running on develop.
  • Won't fail, or catches errors, if any variables are missing.
  • Checks for development and testing environments, and prevents email send (console.log instead)
  • REUSABLE! The library itself, and maybe even the template, should be resuable across projects.

Good Looking Approaches

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<p>{{poast.created | fromNow}}</p>
  • Tower Git Client

  • Coda 2

  • Sublime 2

  • Webstorm

  • Espresso

  • NodeJS

  • Chrome

  • Chrome Livereload

  • Chrome Postman