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Last active March 12, 2022 04:03
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openFrameworks Kinect & projector calibration

Kinect/ projector calibration and mapping:

Map Projections to moving objects in real time.

Uses the Kinect to track and locate objects. Might be overkill for this project since the table doesn't move. However might be cool to use in reverse to NOT project onto people who are interacting with the table:

Kinect projector calibration

Another example that might be overkill since the table is static. and

ofxMtlMapping2D, 2D multi-surface mapping

Point and click to define multiple projection areas.

Camera Only, using Chessboard pattern

Calibrates by using chessboard pattern recorded form many different angles. This differs from traditional "point and click corners of mapped area".

Depth mapping and calibration

Worth a look

Paid, but nice UI

See discussion here: and library here:

Kinect object tracking

Might be useful for moving beyond color tracking to track objects

Real time augmented reality tracking (cool, but not calibration related)

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