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Script for determining the block_id/chunk density for a specific minecraft world
#!/usr/bin/env python3
from nbt.nbt import NBTFile
from nbt.chunk import McRegionChunk
from import WorldFolder, AnvilWorldFolder, McRegionWorldFolder
from pathlib import Path
from pprint import pprint
from typing import List, Dict, Tuple, Optional, Generator, Iterable, Union, NamedTuple, DefaultDict, Any
from collections import defaultdict
from io import TextIOWrapper
import json
import argparse
class Chunk(NamedTuple):
x: int
z: int
# {<block_id>:{[<chunk_coord>]:<density>}}
ChunkDensityMapping = DefaultDict[Chunk, int]
ChunkDensityPerItemMapping = DefaultDict[int, ChunkDensityMapping]
# {<block_id>:{<chunk_x>:{<chunk_z>:{<density>}}}}
MappingExport = DefaultDict[int, DefaultDict[int, DefaultDict[int, int]]]
def export_mapping(mapping: ChunkDensityPerItemMapping) -> MappingExport:
export: MappingExport = defaultdict(lambda: defaultdict(lambda: defaultdict(int)))
for block_id, density_per_chunk in mapping.items():
for chunk, density in density_per_chunk.items():
export[block_id][chunk.x][chunk.z] = density
return export
def import_mapping(export: Any) -> ChunkDensityPerItemMapping:
if not isinstance(export, dict):
raise ValueError("Imported object is not a dictionary")
imported: ChunkDensityPerItemMapping = defaultdict(lambda: defaultdict(int))
for block_id, density_per_chunk_x in export.items():
block_id = convert_int(block_id, "Block id is not an integer")
if not isinstance(density_per_chunk_x, dict):
raise ValueError("Density mapping is not a dictionary")
for chunk_x, density_per_chunk_xz in density_per_chunk_x.items():
chunk_x = convert_int(chunk_x, "Chunk.x is not an integer")
if not isinstance(density_per_chunk_xz, dict):
raise ValueError("Density mapping for x is not a dictionary")
for chunk_z, chunk_density in density_per_chunk_xz.items():
chunk_z = convert_int(chunk_z, "Chunk.z is not an integer")
chunk_density = convert_int(chunk_density, "Chunk density is not an integer")
imported[block_id][Chunk(chunk_x, chunk_z)] = chunk_density
return imported
def convert_int(value: Any, message: str) -> int:
return int(value)
except ValueError:
raise ValueError(message)
def main() -> int:
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Find and rank occurrences of items in a per-chunk basis")
subparsers = parser.add_subparsers(help="Data gathering", dest="subparser_name")
world_parser = subparsers.add_parser("world", help="Gather block data from world directory")
world_parser.add_argument("map_dir", metavar="MAP_DIR", type=Path, help="Path to the map directory")
world_parser.add_argument("--block_ids", type=int, required=True, nargs="+", help="Block IDs to detect")
infile_parser = subparsers.add_parser("cache", help="Gather block data from cache file")
infile_parser.add_argument("infile", type=argparse.FileType('r'), metavar="INFILE",
help="Input file to process already collected world data")
parser.add_argument("--output", type=argparse.FileType('w'),
help="Output file to dump mapping data (in json format)")
args = parser.parse_args()
subparser: Optional[str] = getattr(args, "subparser_name", None)
blocks_in_chunks: ChunkDensityPerItemMapping = defaultdict(lambda: defaultdict(int))
if subparser is None:
parser.exit(1, f"{parser.prog}: No subcommand specified")
elif subparser == "world":
map_dir: Path = Path(args.map_dir)
block_ids: List[int] = [int(_id) for _id in list(args.block_ids)]
world = WorldFolder(str(map_dir))
if isinstance(world, AnvilWorldFolder):
print("Processing world with format Anvil...")
anvil_process_world(world, block_ids, blocks_in_chunks)
elif isinstance(world, McRegionWorldFolder):
print("Processing world with format Region...")
mcregion_process_world(world, block_ids, blocks_in_chunks)
elif subparser == "infile":
infile: TextIOWrapper = args.infile
blocks_in_chunks = import_mapping(json.load(infile))
output: Optional[TextIOWrapper] = args.output
if output is not None:
print(f"Writing to output file...")
json.dump(export_mapping(blocks_in_chunks), output, indent=4)
return 0
def anvil_process_world(world: AnvilWorldFolder,
ids: List[int],
blocks_in_chunks: ChunkDensityPerItemMapping) -> None:
regions = len(world.get_regionfiles())
for region_number, region in enumerate(world.iter_regions()):
print(f"Processing region file {region.filename}... {region_number}/{regions} files processed. ")
for chunk_coords in (Chunk(int(chk['x']), int(chk['z'])) for chk in region.get_chunks()):
#print(f" Processing chunk {chunk_coords}")
chunk = region.get_nbt(chunk_coords.x, chunk_coords.z)
for blocks, y_pos in anvil_iter_chunk_block_sections(chunk):
#print(f" Processing section {y_pos}")
process_blocks(blocks, ids, chunk_coords, blocks_in_chunks)
print(f"Processing finished for world {world}")
def anvil_iter_chunk_block_sections(chunk: NBTFile) -> \
Generator[Tuple[Optional[Union[bytearray, List[int]]], int], None, None]:
for section in chunk["Level"]["Sections"]: # type: TAG_Compound
y_val: int = section["Y"].value
blocks_tag = section["Blocks"] # type: TAG_Byte_Array
blocks = blocks_tag.value
except (KeyError, AttributeError):
yield None, y_val
add_tag = section["Add"] # type: TAG_Byte_Array
add = array_4bit_to_byte(add_tag.value)
except (KeyError, AttributeError):
yield blocks, y_val
yield [(value + 256 * add[index]) for index, value in enumerate(blocks)], y_val
# Copied from
def array_4bit_to_byte(array):
"""Convert a 2048-byte array of 4096 4-bit values to an array of 4096 1-byte values.
The result is of type bytearray().
Note that the first byte of the created arrays contains the LEAST significant
bits of the first byte of the Data. NOT to the MOST significant bits, as you
might expected. This is because Minecraft stores data in that way.
def iterarray(_array):
for b in _array:
yield(b & 15) # Little end of the byte
yield((b >> 4) & 15) # Big end of the byte
return bytearray(iterarray(array))
def mcregion_process_world(world: McRegionWorldFolder,
ids: List[int],
blocks_in_chunks: ChunkDensityPerItemMapping) -> None:
for chunk in world.iter_chunks(): # type: McRegionChunk
chunk_coords: Chunk = Chunk(*chunk.get_coords())
process_blocks(chunk.blocks, ids, chunk_coords, blocks_in_chunks)
def process_blocks(blocks: Iterable[int],
ids: Iterable[int],
chunk_coords: Chunk,
blocks_in_chunks: ChunkDensityPerItemMapping) -> None:
for block_id in blocks:
if block_id not in ids:
blocks_in_chunks[block_id][chunk_coords] += 1
if __name__ == "__main__":
import sys as _sys
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