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fakuivan /
Created February 20, 2022 20:07
TP-Link TL-SG108E V1 config backup format
fakuivan / dishonored2_cvars.txt
Last active October 7, 2023 22:39
All cvars for Dishonored 2 as of version ````, in the format: <cvar struct address> | <cvar name> = <cvar default value> | <cvar int value address> -> <current int value>\n<cvar description>
Dishonored2.exe+3BFC7F0 | aas_subdivisionSize = 64 | Dishonored2.exe+3BFC818 -> 64
the size of subdivisions to use for debug drawing
Dishonored2.exe+340CC20 | achievements_Verbose = 0 | Dishonored2.exe+340CC48 -> 0
debug spam for achievements
Dishonored2.exe+3BFA570 | ai_debugCam = 0 | Dishonored2.exe+3BFA598 -> 0
enable debug camera
Dishonored2.exe+3BFA470 | ai_debugScript = -1 | Dishonored2.exe+3BFA498 -> 4294967295
fakuivan / Dockerfile
Last active July 17, 2023 19:55
Basic rtsp stream recorder written on bash (python exists for a reason)
FROM alpine:3
RUN apk add --no-cache ffmpeg inotify-tools bash python3 coreutils tzdata
RUN mkdir /app
COPY ./ ./ /app/
ENTRYPOINT [ "/app/" ]
fakuivan /
Created July 17, 2022 04:16
Install Magic Wormhole on Termux
# Source:
# binutils and libsodium are required to build pynacl
# while rust is required to build cryptography
pkg install python rust libsodium binutils
export CARGO_BUILD_TARGET=aarch64-linux-android
pip install magic-wormhole
fakuivan /
Last active June 14, 2023 15:00
Set Spotify quality to the maximum possible on desktop

Modify Spotify quality settings

Open Spotify's local storage directory, I'm using the appx version. Run this command in PowerShell

explorer `
  "$([System.IO.Path]::combine("$env:LOCALAPPDATA", `
                               "Packages", `
                               "$((Get-AppxPackage -Name "SpotifyAB.SpotifyMusic").PackageFamilyName)", `
                               "LocalState", `
 "Spotify", `
fakuivan /
Last active December 13, 2022 15:22
Finds valid JSON strings in a file. Useful for reconstructing broken files or reverse engineering data structures in protocols or embedded into binaries
#!/usr/bin/env python3.8
# different from the re module ( )
from ast import parse
from json import dumps
from typing import Any, List, NoReturn, TextIO, Tuple
import regex
import json
import sys
import argparse
fakuivan / create_sidepanel_folder.bat
Created March 7, 2020 15:57
Creates a side panel entry for windows explorer
@echo off
:: GUIDs were randomly generated using the command ``python3 -c "import uuid; print(str(uuid.uuid4()).upper())"``
set guid=C3AA96DB-679A-4D75-B53F-F9EBDFEBE6C3
set name=Seafile
set folder=%%userprofile%%\Seafile
set icon=%%programfiles(x86)%%\Seafile\bin\seafile-applet.exe,-2
:: set guid=92EB2F95-3564-4430-8022-4CAF93AB8D96
:: set name=Sync
:: set folder=%%userprofile%%\Sync
fakuivan / 21-netmount
Last active May 7, 2022 17:26
A hotplug script for OpenWRT systems to mount and unmount a remote CIFS partition
# Place this file on /etc/hotplug.d/iface. Example entry (on /etc/config/fstab):
#config netmount
# option target '/mnt'
# option src '//ADDRESS/RESOURCE'
# option fstype 'cifs' #or nfs
## don't use qoutes inside the string, else the qoutes, they will not be removed
# option options 'user=USER,password=PASSWORD'
fakuivan / .bashrc
Last active June 23, 2021 19:52
Try to cd by swapping base by symlink
# Append this to your "~/.bashrc" file
if LINK="$(~/ ~/SeaDrive)"; then
cd "$LINK"
echo Changed base path to "${LINK@Q}"
fakuivan /
Last active June 12, 2021 21:27
Helper script for running VcXsrv from WSL

Helper script for running VcXsrv from WSL

Add it to .bashrc

# Autostart VcXsrv
. <(~/ ~/.vcxsrv.port)