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use MIME::Base64;
while(my $line=<STDIN>){
print unpack("H*",decode_base64($line))."\n";
perl -le 'use MIME::Base64;print unpack("H*",decode_base64("FwAMAAXwAAADAAAAAAAOEAAAAAAAAAAAFQMFaHlkcmEJZWZ0ZG9tYWluA25ldAA="))."\n";'
040001 0005F000000200000000000E100000000000000000 <--- from :
17000c 0005f000000300000000000e100000000000000000 1503 05 687964726109656674646f6d61696e036e657400
05 <-- bytes to follow
perl -le 'print unpack("a*",pack("H*","6879647261"));' -> hydra
09 <-- bytes to follow
perl -le 'print unpack("a*",pack("H*","656674646f6d61696e"));' -> eftdomain
03 <-- bytes to follow
perl -le 'print unpack("a*",pack("H*","6e6574"));'
00 <- null terminiated
1f0219 6566746e6173682d6d64662d6372312d656674646f6d61696e 03 6e6574 00
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