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better soekris monitoring (hashes for git and auto-racoon)
USB-stickless soekris booting
Moved printing from .Net over the WAN to the soekris
KEKCheckValues added to nagios
soekris install automation improvements
Shared EFT Authentication System
Two-factor Authentication for Apache
New apache vhost layout deployed
Colorado re-wire
NBS (contactless) infrastructure integration
Ant-farm gearman-cluster firewall log processing
stash server
drop-to-mac-address map
soekris improvements (force using squid proxy, ro_patches)
rhinefet driver research
new automated kernel build system (popcorn)
automated spcollects
cardwatch improvements ("watch")
SQL -> LDAP replication after deployment no longer updated ldap
futile attempt to track printers
ghetto console servers
expanded nagios monitoring verrier/herschel
Firewall/Switch mgmt interface re-org
SAN monitoring added to nagios
firewall work for primadata
ntop built on centos for netflow aggregation
shared fedora workstation
kickstart infrastructure improvemnents
esx lab re-wire
syslog infrastructure improvements
qwest -> XO cutover
wifi auditing
Colorado re-wire
SBS VPN integration
COCC VPN integration
DR (SRM) Improvements
squid server, squid delay pools
cyclades in Green Bay
Cisco license audit
Hardware refresh design for ESX
cfengine layout re-design
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