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gd3kr / script.js
Created February 15, 2024 06:30
Download a JSON List of twitter bookmarks
the twitter api is stupid. it is stupid and bad and expensive. hence, this.
Literally just paste this in the JS console on the bookmarks tab and the script will automatically scroll to the bottom of your bookmarks and keep a track of them as it goes.
When finished, it downloads a JSON file containing the raw text content of every bookmark.
for now it stores just the text inside the tweet itself, but if you're reading this why don't you go ahead and try to also store other information (author, tweetLink, pictures, everything). come on. do it. please?
karpathy /
Last active June 10, 2024 18:34
hacky stablediffusion code for generating videos
stable diffusion dreaming
creates hypnotic moving videos by smoothly walking randomly through the sample space
example way to run this script:
$ python --prompt "blueberry spaghetti" --name blueberry
to stitch together the images, e.g.:
$ ffmpeg -r 10 -f image2 -s 512x512 -i blueberry/frame%06d.jpg -vcodec libx264 -crf 10 -pix_fmt yuv420p blueberry.mp4
mcollina /
Last active May 18, 2023 18:27
Matteo's Technical principles

Matteo Technical Principles

1. Conway’s Law is paramount.

Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication structure.

In order to design a piece of software we need to “design” the team that is going to produce it.

2. Developer Experience is key to productivity

matthewjberger / coc-settings.json
Last active September 20, 2022 07:54
Neovim configuration for c++ and rust. Requires a nerd-font, vim-plug, fzf, ripgrep, rust-analyzer, and clangd
"rust-analyzer.checkOnSave.command": "clippy",
"clangd.semanticHighlighting": true,
"coc.preferences.extensionUpdateCheck": "daily",
"codeLens.enable": true,
"diagnostic.virtualText": true
aditya-vijaykumar /
Last active June 11, 2024 17:41
Setting up droplet on DigitalOcean

How to setup the Best Portfolio!

This gist is in reference with the HackClub NMIT workshop - How to setup the Best Portfolio.


You will be able to setup and host various web app/sites on different subdomains and domains through a single droplet on DigitalOcean. You will also have a professional email ID by the end of it. Please be sure to watch the webinar on YouTube for a clear understanding about the purpose.

Pre-requisite - GitHub Student Developer Pack

Please make sure you have signed up for the GitHub Student Developer Pack. To access your GitHub Education Pack visit, and choose Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology - in organisation/club option.

sohamkamani / rsa.go
Created April 12, 2020 17:31
Example of RSA encryption, decryption, signing, and verification in Go
package main
import (
samuelfvlcastro /
Last active February 26, 2024 07:28
GoLang Tips and Tricks


Q: pointers vs values (in general) ?


Don't pass pointers as function arguments just to save a few bytes.

Don't pass a pointer to a string (*string) or a pointer to an interface value (*io.Reader). In both cases the value itself is a fixed size and can be passed directly.

Use pointes on large structs, or even small structs that might grow.

simonista / .vimrc
Last active June 14, 2024 18:06
A basic .vimrc file that will serve as a good template on which to build.
" Don't try to be vi compatible
set nocompatible
" Helps force plugins to load correctly when it is turned back on below
filetype off
" TODO: Load plugins here (pathogen or vundle)
" Turn on syntax highlighting
syntax on