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Fabio febs

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Last active Feb 11, 2020
Script to unzip and sort Gameboy and Gameboy color ROMs for the EzFlash - Jr flash cart so to bypass its limitations
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os # to create the output folder
import shutil # to copy files into it
import zipfile # to unzip stuff (the EzFlash Jr does not support zipped ROMs)
# let's put a warning here and ask the user if she wants to proceed or not.
input ("""
You are sorting the files in """ + os.getcwd() + """.
View stations.csv
name id region region_code city lat lon
ABANO TERME S05700 Veneto 12 A 45.355199 11.811533
ABBADIA LARIANA S01416 Lombardia 1 A 45.895864 9.335175
ABBASANTA S12873 Sardegna 20 A 40.128801 8.817733
ABBIATEGRASSO S01062 Lombardia 1 A 45.400631 8.921305
ACATE S12409 Sicilia 14 A 36.996592 14.42545
ACCIANO S07423 Abruzzo 19 A 42.175994 13.711345
ACERRA S09215 Campania 18 A 40.939066 14.372243
ACIREALE S12328 Sicilia 14 A 37.600514 15.163697
febs /
Created Dec 8, 2015 — forked from mviitanen/
A shell script to create a new jekyll post. Maybe there is an easier way, but this script generates a basic markdown post for jekyll. It has head matter, samples of some common formatting, and a link to a more complete documentation of the format.
if [ "$#" -ne 1 ] ; then
echo "Usage: $0 <title>" >&2
exit 1
title=`echo "$1" |sed 's/ /-/g'`
fileName="_posts/`date +%Y-%m-%d-$title.markdown`"
View intelectual_property.txt
Keeping medicines from the blood streams of the sick; food
from the bellies of the hungry; books from the hands of the
uneducated; technology from the underdeveloped; and putting
advocates of freedom in prisons. Intellectual property is
to the 21st century what the slave trade was to the 16th.
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