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Last active May 24, 2023 03:38
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Checks if the title of the result in the SERP matches the title of the URL
javascript: (function (doc){var changed=0; function checkTitles(){console.log('jQuery version ', $.fn.jquery, ' loaded'); var position=1; var items=[]; var results=$('#rso .kp-blk .g, #rso .g[class="g"], #rso .srg .g').not('.kno-kp .g').find('div:first').find('a:first'); $('.title-changed, #CountTitlesChanged').remove(); results.each(function (){if (!$(this).parents('.related-question-pair').length){var parent=$(this).closest('.tF2Cxc').length > 0 ? $(this).closest('.tF2Cxc') : $(this).closest('li'); items.push([ position, $(this).find('h3').text(), encodeURI($(this).attr('href')), parent]); position++;}}); var numItems=1; cors_proxies=[ '', '',]; items.forEach(item=>{$.ajax({url: cors_proxies[Math.floor(Math.random() * cors_proxies.length)] + item[2], success: function (data, status, xhr){title=$(data).filter('title').text(); var html='<div class="title-changed">'; if (title !=item[1]){html +='<span style="font-weight: bold;color: #ff6961;">' + title + '</span>'; changed++;}else{html +='<span style="font-weight: bold;color: darkgreen;">' + item[1] + '</span>';}html +='</div>'; item[3].find('div').first().append(html);}, error: function (xhr, status, error){var html='<div class="title-changed">'; html +='<span style="font-weight: bold;color: lightslategray;">Error: No se ha podido procesar la solicitud</span>'; html +='</div>'; item[3].find('div').first().append(html);}, complete: function (xhr, status){if (numItems==items.length){petitionCompleted();}else{numItems++;}}});});}function petitionCompleted(){$('#result-stats').append('<span id="CountTitlesChanged"> - ' + changed + ' títulos cambiados en esta página</span>');}if (typeof jQuery=='undefined'){var script_jQuery=document.createElement('script'); script_jQuery.src=''; script_jQuery.onload=checkTitles; doc.body.appendChild(script_jQuery); console.log('script_jQuery appended to body');}else{console.log('jQuery already included ...'); checkTitles();}})(document)
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Script stopped to work. Is there a Solution for this? Thanks

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