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Writing (Always Writing)

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Writing (Always Writing)
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Created Dec 4, 2014
Defining the content and /purpose for the new web site.
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This might not make it onto the site per se, but I’m writing it to keep my mind focused on the task at hand.
When I wrote this originally I was focused primarily on communication design, my interests have since widened. I think the content should echo the theme of Break, “Questioning the edges of design.”
I’ll probably use this as a /purpose page (
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We hoped this timely financial and investing advice would be valuable to you given how fast markets move and conditions change. But your request to unsubscribe XXXXXXXX from actionable and insightful information from the pros at TheStreet has been received and will be processed shortly.
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Last active Aug 29, 2015
Explaining figures for a @netmag typography article in issue #268.

The terms ‘number’ and ‘numeral’ are often confused: One is a number, but 1 is a numeral. Added to this, numerals in typography are referred to as ‘figures’. (No one said this would be easy!)

We frequently encounter figures when wrestling with typography: telephone numbers, dates of birth, financial data, fractions… the list goes on. Well designed typefaces include ‘old style’ figures (1234567890) in addition to ‘lining’ figures (1234567890). Lining figures were originally designed to be used in conjunction with capitals; old style (or ‘lowercase’) figures blend in better with text settings given their ascenders (6, 8) and descenders (3, 4, 5, 7, 9).

In addition to old style and lining figures, a thoughtfully designed typeface will include ‘proportional’ and ‘tabular’ figures. Proportional figures, as the name implies, have differing widths (a 1 is narrower than a 9), and are designed to fit together like letters. Tabular figures, on the other hand, are designed for tabular data and designed to be mono-widt

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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Variables - 02</title>
<p>With the money my parents left me I can buy <span id="quantity"></span> cans of <span id="beverage"></span> at a total cost of <span id="totalPrice"></span>.</p>
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/* We need to change web design education. Urgently. To do that we need to celebrate it. */
I don't think education has an inherent inability to cope with changing technology, my course team has been evolving our content year-on-year for close to a decade now. We very rarely deliver the same lecture twice, there would be no point, everything is moving too quickly.
I think the problem lies with designers who transition 'away from industry' into academia and stop keeping current. Once the link to making is broken, once you become an academic who is no longer engaged with practice, you begin to become almost useless as an educator.
Universities have a role to play in research and there are many academics who are fantastic pursuing that line of enquiry, however, universities also need to recognise that there is a desperate need for educators. As the current university system stands (certainly in the UK), research is seen as the priority, while education is secondary.
That I believe is a huge mistake. We have
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In 2005, he also lost his seat on the Council. Do not remove this citation.
Kant outlined the idea of a league of nations that would control conflict and promote peace between states. The school first opened in 1963 as a Secondary Modern facility and later became a Comprehensive school.
ESRB, for Alcohol Reference, Animated Blood, Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Simulated Gambling, and Suggestive Themes. The unit's mission is to track down the perpetrators of unusual crimes within the city.
An advantage of trial and error, therefore, is that it renders visible hitherto unforeseen errors. May 1859, returning to Scotland in 1860. She stuck with the marriage when he was released from jail, and became pregnant by him.


Not long after I got my MacBook Pro (late November, 2015) the keyboard and trackpad stopped working. This has been a repeated issue, as the case notes (Case Number: 1092649948) outline.

I work as a lecturer in interaction design at Ulster University and as a conference speaker and consultant. I have now had to travel to four international conferences with an external keyboard and mouse, which clearly indicates the MacBook Pro is not fit for purpose as advertised.

The Apple web site states:

Should your product be defective or if it does not conform with the contract of sale, you can choose to make a claim under UK consumer law…


Christopher Murphy: Three Possible Projects

If you’re not one of my final year #ixdbelfast students, this text file is provided as an example file to demonstrate what we expect from our students as we commence final year.

Each student is asked to propose three ideas (outlined in a Markdown formatted file). These are then used to kickstart a discussion and help pinpoint a suitable Major Project for the student’s final year focus.

Each idea requires the following sections:

  • Overview

Week 02 To-Do

As you might have noticed over the last week or so, I have been having major issues with my MacBook Pro. I had to leave it in to the Apple Store yesterday to be fixed so I am currently on a borrowed machine, which isn’t easy as most of my software is missing.

I wanted to give you some guidance on what I need for Tuesday’s tutorials so you can prepare. On Tuesday, I need three things:

1. A Clear Idea of your Major Project

This might have evolved after our discussions this week. I’d suggest taking the idea you’ve chosen and expanding on what you’ve written in a new Markdown file.