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I am Fernando van Loenhout.

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Why my nomination

I joined the SOCVR in 2016 10 january. I started slowly with some simple messages, and after I got more used to the SOCVR, I conversated more and more with other people in the chat.

After more interactions in the SOCVR, I started to discover the SmokeDetector program, and went over to the Charcoal HQ to flag more posts.After a while I started posting pull-requests to improve the detection rate of the smokedetector client.

My place between the Charcoal HQ and the SOCVR has given me advatages of relaying missing information when something is wrong, for example, when smokey is down, I notify the SOCVR if he is going to run on a second acount, to prevent the people asking what is happening.

My times

I am mainly active online between 08:00 UTC and 04:00 UTC, and I get passively online between 17:30 UTC and 22:00 UTC.

If I am active online, I talk a lot about what happens on the stackoverflow network.

If I am passively online, I am usualy silent, but I am quickly able to respond to pings or smokedetector notifications.

Interactions with the bots

I follow the interactions in the Charcoal HQ closely, meaning that I get quickly informated if a new feature is created that can help us managing the Charcoal bots. A example of the is the new naa- command.

How I as a room owner will improve the room

As a room owner, I can help by keeping the off-topic posts away from people who don't understand the channel, moving old [cv-pls] to the close vote archieve, and updating the sitebar posts with important information for the smokedetector bot.

My moderation style

My preffered style of moderation is forgiving, but I can be strict in certain situations. Example situations:

  • off-topic stuff from new users: I would either ignore it, or move to trash if the amount of messages is distracting to other people
  • If a smokedetector/other report contains a heavy NSFW title, and the 120 seconds limit is expired: I would manualy delete the message if the post is deleted on the network to prevent throuble with peoples work place
  • I don't agree with someones's [cv-pls]: I would discus it normally in chat, without requiring any RO tool
  • I dont agree with someone marking a smoke detector post Even these sitations can be clearly addresed in chat without any room owner tool, I state my opinion and then leave it up to them if they change the result of the smoke detector post or not.
  • If someone posts severe NSFW content I would delete the message, and even kick-mute the person, depending on the amount of posts.

My message count

For as long as I am active in the SOCVR, I posted 715 messages, this is about 13 messages a day. I don't see this as a limitation of my knowledge, because a good room owner should also spend time in reading all conversations that are happening on his channel, and there is no indication of reading and understanding what is happening on the channel, as opposite to actively participiating.

In total, I have 13 stars in the SOCVR by 7 posts

Am I up to the task?

I think that I am up to the task. I learned where to find the moderation tools, and in what situation to use them according to the meta. I don't have a list of contribution because the fact I am not active on stackoverflow for a relly long time, 3 months. But I have a strong presence.

Diamond moderators

I think the diamond moderators in the room make the processes in the room easier than without them

My opinion about rep transfer

I think this should be allowed as its for the benefit of the website, there is no unfair reputation gained, only transferred.


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rschrieken commented Mar 11, 2016

How would you describe your room moderation style?


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ArcticEcho commented Mar 11, 2016

I assume the times are in UTC?


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TimCastelijns commented Mar 11, 2016

I'm guessing 22:00 AM should be 10:00 PM :)


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gunr2171 commented Mar 11, 2016

Are those times UTC? (just for simplicity sake, can you convert AM/PM to military time)

You have under 1000 messages in SOCVR (about 13 messages a day). Do you view this as a limitation?


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Aralun commented Mar 11, 2016

What's your point of view on off-topic rooms such as the Ministry?
What do you think about monitoring them to check that nothing gets out of hand which could then be used against SOCVR? Examples could include bad mouthing of users, clear disagreement with room / SO policies, unicorn abuse...


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jdd-software commented Mar 11, 2016

Dear Ferry Big, the silent guy, that hits hard with sd gone. One day you will make a great RO, don't know if this is the time, you are new and the competition is tough. However I have no doubts in your capacities so I wish you good luck, may the force be with you.
(Petter Friberg)


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Tunaki commented Mar 13, 2016

Do you think you have what it takes to face up to the future challenge this room will meet? Can you give an example of Meta contributions, for example, where you applied moderation?


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joncle commented Mar 13, 2016

How do you feel about diamond moderators frequenting the room?


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ghost commented Mar 14, 2016

What is your stance on this What exactly is “artificial inflation of reputation”, and where is the line? with reference to the situation in the room?

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