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Run a TestSet in QualityCenter using the OTA API
using System;
using TDAPIOLELib;
namespace oneshore.qcintegration.examples
class RunTestSet
public static void Main()
String qcUrl = "http://localhost:8080/qcbin";
String qcDomain = "oneshore";
String qcProject = "QCIntegration";
String qcLoginName = "aaron";
String qcPassword = "secret";
String testSetPath = @"ROOT\path\to\testset";
String testSetName = "TestSet name";
TDConnection connection = new TDConnection();
connection.ConnectProjectEx(qcDomain, qcProject, qcLoginName, qcPassword);
TestSetFactory testSetFactory = connection.TestSetFactory;
TestSetTreeManager testSetTreeManager = connection.TestSetTreeManager;
TestSetFolder testSetFolder = (TestSetFolder) testSetTreeManager.NodeByPath[testSetPath];
List testSetList = testSetFolder.FindTestSets(testSetName);
TestSet testSet = testSetList[0];
TSScheduler scheduler = testSet.StartExecution("");
scheduler.RunAllLocally = true;
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