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Created June 24, 2018 14:32
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foreach (var image in m_TempAugmentedImages)
AugmentedImageVisualizer visualizer = null;
m_Visualizers.TryGetValue(image.DatabaseIndex, out visualizer);
if (image.TrackingState == TrackingState.Tracking && visualizer == null)
// Create an anchor to ensure that ARCore keeps tracking this augmented image.
Anchor anchor = image.CreateAnchor(image.CenterPose);
visualizer = (AugmentedImageVisualizer)Instantiate(AugmentedImageVisualizerPrefab, anchor.transform);
visualizer.Image = image;
m_Visualizers.Add(image.DatabaseIndex, visualizer);
else if (image.TrackingState == TrackingState.Stopped && visualizer != null)
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