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Last active Jul 27, 2021
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CNAB Branding Ideas


I've been working on identities for CNAB and Duffle; and am seeking your feedback to help steer the process.





Any and all feedback welcome.

Notes: Brand Style
All of these designs use a brighter, more colorful palette, along with monospaced fonts; in an effort to look playful and modern. Inspired by a myriad of developer tools and startups. These are intentionally less blue than previous Steel Thread efforts - as we're not emphasizing Kubernetes or Azure, or connections to existing projects.

Most of these colors are based off of the CNCF blue/teal, but then accented boldly with a red or yellow.

download 2

download 3

I'd like to have an association with the previous work for a Cloud Native Compute Team, but not be clearly tied to it. So the shapes are mostly in a similar 3D or 2D bundling of shapes, which can be adapted easily into a larger theme.

download 1

E.g. a CNAB theme


^ Duffle should then fit with this theme, using a subset of the brand as a sibling.

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flynnduism commented Oct 18, 2018

Notes: Project Sites

As mentioned in prior mail - I've registered and I've setup boilerplate apps on these domains to build from, once the identities are established. Here's a design spike on CNAB, using the 2D stylings of version #1. Content copied from Butcher's pitch deck.

cnab io-idea

Will revise this once branding is in place; to streamline the project messaging content, and improve the legibility.

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