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flyx /
Created February 18, 2023 12:41
Simple plugin to use mermaid.js in a jekyll-asciidoc + just-the-docs setup

Requires a working mermaid setup for just-the-docs.

Place the file below in the _plugins folder of your site. Now in your AsciiDoc files, you can do

graph TD;
flyx / main.adb
Created February 23, 2021 20:51
with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;
with Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps; use Ada.Containers;
with Ada.Iterator_Interfaces;
procedure Main is
package Tiles is
-- Implementation is completely hidden
type Tile_Type is private;
flyx / Makefile
Last active September 17, 2015 08:26
making it work
# Makefile to make it work
@echo > /dev/null
@echo "aye!"
# support for Picard
@echo "Warp 9 engaged."
.PHONY: it work so
flyx / newcert.expect
Created September 12, 2015 21:13
expect script to create and sign a new OpenSSL cert/key pair
#!/usr/bin/expect -f
# creates a new key/cert pair with openssl and signs it with a local CA
# expects /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf to provide correct defaults to everything
# except the CN. Easily modifyable to handle more parameters.
# usage: ./newcert.key CN capass
# * CN: the name of your website, eg
flyx / test.nim
Last active August 29, 2015 14:18
import macros
macro callFilter(filter: stmt, value: stmt): expr =
if value.kind == nnkStrLit:
newNimNode(nnkConstSection).add(newNimNode(nnkConstDef).add(newIdentNode("filtered"), newEmptyNode(),
newCall(filter, value))),
newCall(filter, value)
class Foo {
std::move_iterator move_it;
int I;
Foo(const int like_to, const std::move_iterator& move_it) :
I(like_to), move_it(move_it) {}
$debDir = "/some/path"
define localPackage ($packageName = $title) {
package {$packageName :
ensure => installed,
provider => dpkg,
source => "${debDir}/${packageName}.deb"
passdb passwd-file {
args = /home/vmail/%d/passwd
passdb pam {
args = session=yes dovecot
userdb static {
args = uid=vmail gid=dovecot home=/home/vmail/%d/%u
flyx /
Last active December 21, 2015 05:29
with Ada.Containers.Vectors;
with Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps;
type Key_Type is private;
with package Element_Vectors is new Ada.Containers.Vectors (<>);
with function Hash (Key : Key_Type) return Ada.Containers.Hash_Type;
with function Equivalent_Keys (Left, Right : Key_Type) return Boolean;
package Multimaps is
package Parent is new Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps
flyx / gist:6099315
Last active December 20, 2015 08:19
-- compilation unit 1:
type T is private;
package Unit is
-- ...
end Unit;
-- compilation unit 2: